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Alliance Payroll

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  • Founded 1989
  • Group Sizes 5 to 100000
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About Alliance Payroll

Since day one, it has always been about service and we are committed to the continual development of our unparalleled single database solution. At Alliance Payroll, we listen to what our users want from their workforce management solution. Each year, we see hundreds of user requests posted to our Client Ideas Board which we use to update our system 4 times a year.

When you choose Alliance Payroll as your trusted service provider, you are assigned to a committed service representative available via phone or email. If you’re tired of dealing with automated attendants and voicemails that lead nowhere, we are definitely the right company for you. In an industry that too often over promises and under delivers, we are a breath of fresh air.
For the past 25 years, Alliance Payroll Services has supported the unique needs of our clients, including multi-unit operators, across the United States for any industry. Our proprietary online software, AllPay, delivers paperless Applicant Tracking, Onboarding, Work Opportunity Tax Credits, Employee Self-Service, Human Resource Management, Benefit Enrollment, and Payroll Processing in a single database.

We used the latest technologies to create our single database solution for all your employee management tasks.

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Alliance Payroll Offerings

  • Absence Management Software
  • ACA Reporting Software
    • ACA Tracking Software
    • ACA Reporting Services
    • Benefits Administration Solution Companies
    • Employee Schedule Maker
    • HRIS Systems
    • Human Resources Software
    • LMS Systems
    • Onboarding Software
  • Payroll Services
  • Performance Management System
  • Recruitment Software
    • ATS Companies
    • Text Recruiting Platforms
    • Candidate Sourcing Tools
    • Time and Attendance Software

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