Shortlister is designed to fundamentally improve the RFP process in the human capital space. Our proprietary matching algorithm immediately identifies the vendors that are most compatible with your budget, demographics and unique program goals. The Shortlister platform and team of experts then guide you through the bid process in a thoughtful and efficient manner. Shortlister supported searches representing over 2,000,000 employee lives in 2016 alone. Based on this wealth of experience and the qualitative & quantitative automation built within the Shortlister platform, we’re able to complete a thorough search and detailed analysis of compatible vendor options in a fraction of the time of a traditional procurement process.

Many employers have access to Shortlister through their employee benefits consultant. If your consultant is one of the few not using Shortlister, you can access Shortlister directly. To find our if your benefits consultant has access to Shortlister, contact us below.

We save you time in finding the right vendor and make sure your money is being spent well. If you plan on going to market for a vendor in the human capital space, make sure you leverage the efficiency and experience of Shortlister.

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