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Evive – Meet a Vendor

Shortlister hosted Stephanie Kistner, Solutions Consultant, and Niral Patel, Senior Product Manager at Evive, to learn more about simplified plan selection and how Evive is making open enrollment easier for employees and employers alike.


Evive changes how people use benefits by making them more accessible, seamless, and understandable, with a goal of creating “benefits love.”  Employers who benefit best from Evive are large enterprises with more than 5,000 employees—typically around 20,000—and diverse, dispersed populations.  Because of these large company sizes, they tend to have complex benefits ecosystems. They have a lot to offer and just need to get the right people with the right opportunities at the right times. 

Evive is taking a digital approach to benefits to help people live healthier, more productive lives.  They create “benefits love” with the power of the Evive Operating System.


The EviveOS platform (eOS) fuels their solution by taking in robust sources of data—including medical claims, member activity data across the benefits ecosystem, even weather data—and applying predictive analytics to prioritize the right message for the right person at the right time.  Behavioral science principles are then applied to this data-driven guidance in order to make it resonate and drive action.  These powerful nudges can be delivered via mobile app, web portal, or even as a tip from a concierge during a telephonic conversation.

There are two core applications of eOS that drive these communications:

MyEvive: a benefits navigation solution for employees and their families that empowers employers to communicate benefits better to their workforces.

Evive 360: a comprehensive dashboard for telephonic concierges to help guide those employees through relevant opportunities.

Whether it’s digital or human support, this data-driven guidance enables better benefits communication—and in turn, better benefits experiences.



When it comes to benefits, there are specific experiences where people need more support, such as open enrollment, something that typically happens every year and affects benefits engagement significantly.  Employers provide benefits with the intention of making people’s lives easier. Yet the act of enrolling in those benefits has long been a confusing experience for employees and it’s often easiest to just re-enroll in the same benefits year after year.  As healthcare costs continue to rise and employees are given more complex plan choices, it becomes more and more important to give employees the right tools and resources to empower them to pick the plan that’s best for them.



Within MyEvive is Evive Plan Choice and it’s embedded right in the open enrollment experience.  Rather than expecting people to do their own tedious research on deductibles, out-of-pocket expenses, and provider networks, Plan Choice educates people by using their data to anticipate which plan would suit them best.



Plan Choice can provide support outside the open enrollment period, too.  Plan Insights is a pre-enrollment tool that applies insights from predictive modeling to help employers predict how adjusting HSA contributions, premiums, and other variables will affect what Plan Choice will recommend for your employees. This simplifies multiple areas:

1.) Employers can adjust plan designs leading up to enrollment to create the plan recommendation mix that best meets company goals for the year.

2.) Employers can identify the employees most likely to save on medical spending by switching plans and use this data to send personalized messages that highlight potential savings, priming people to consider more cost-effective options.

Employers can also learn what influenced people’s plan decisions right away with Plan Choice’s post-enrollment survey, so they know what considerations the group deems most important.


Evive Plan Choice helps employers better communicate their benefits, starting with choosing the right medical plan in open enrollment. Ultimately, this helps employees engage with their benefits and reach a state of benefits love.




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