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About FlexWage/Sum180

FlexWage, the leading provider of financial wellness solutions, created and patented early wage access (OnDemand Pay) in 2010. Through its acquisition of Sum180 in 2019, it now combines early wage access with an engaging mobile financial well-being decision support tool that starts where people are, engages through gamified personalization, and delivers actionable next steps and solutions addressing key pain financial points through partner providers. The service includes unlimited access to coaching from advisers and an online community and mobile tips and notifications to support behavior change.

We help employers increase productivity and retention by addressing financial stress and concerns among employees. The results include the improved peace of mind, financial control and greater loyalty and connection to the employer, which can positively impact as many as 50% of employees.

We believe that everyone deserves a chance to live their best financial lifestyle — now and in the future. Address employees’ number one stressor – financial stress – and they can reach their full potential. Our founders are technology entrepreneurs, Wall Street veterans, and marketing specialists that are harnessing technology to do just that.

Value Proposition

FlexWage/Sum180 innovates in these ways:
– It’s comprehensive. It starts with early wage access to help those struggling most. Then provides support and confidence building regarding all aspects of money, not just debt or just a budget, but all phases of building financial security, including retirement readiness.
– Engagement exceeds 50% with our mobile app;
– It’s personalized and includes unlimited coaching from an adviser. It’s the three things employees can do right now, given where they are, right-sized and actionable, to improve their financial situation. Coaching increases accountability and reduces financial stress.

– It includes an online community so employees can learn from and support one another in their Plans, delivering on the keys to behavioral change – invite, encourage, account – in a fresh way.

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  • Financial Wellness Programs
    • Financial Coaching Tools
    • Financial Education
    • Financial Coaching
    • On-Demand Pay Apps

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