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Cascade Centers Archived Presentation

Shortlister hosted Anna Meiners, Senior Account Manager at Cascade Centers, to introduce the WholeLife Scale®, a Behavioral Health Risk Assessment, developed to circumvent the high cost of mental health concerns in the workplace and improve quality of life for employees.

Cascade Centers, with headquarters in Portland, Oregon, is a comprehensive EAP service provider that was founded in 1975.  Cascade’s mission is to support organizational success and improve quality of lives, by providing services nationwide, such as:

  • Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)Behavior-Change.png
  • Work/Life Balance Programs
  • Wellness Programs and Coaching
  • Onsite Health Screenings
  • Behavioral Health Risk Assessment
  • Organizational Training and Development
  • Student Assistance Programs
  • Military Helpline
  • Executive Coaching

Anna begun by going over some Mental Health statistics:

  • 1 in 5 adults in the US are coping with Mental Health issues
  • Mental Health accounts for 30% of corporate expenses
  • 34% of annual workload lost can be attributed to Mental Health issues

Knowing this, Anna continued by saying that in the EAP space there really hasn’t been an easy to use tool that helps people assess several mental health domains quickly and easily. Traditionally, learning about one state of mental health requires multiple time-consuming assessments.  Having said that, industry experts in the EAP world started to recognize a need for a comprehensive and accessible option to help address some of these mental health concerns. 

In response to this, Cascade has created the WholeLife Scale, a behavioral Health Risk Assessment.  To create this tool, Cascade partnered with a University of Oregon Statistical Analyst/Psychometrician and conducted a Pilot with over 6 thousand subjects.  The statistical techniques that Cascade used for reliability and validity included Principal Components Analysis (Factor Analysis) and Item Response Theory (IRT).  Through this, Cascade developed nine reliable subscales (domains) with a total of 47-59 questions.

The WholeLife Scale is a valid and reliable measurement to provide immediate feedback and solutions for individuals on nine mental health domains.  Some of WholeLife Scale’s capabilities include:

  • Proactive direction to EAP and mental health servicesWholeLife-Scale.png
  • Integrate mental health into workplace wellness campaigns
  • Increase awareness of mental health issues
  • Reduce direct and indirect costs
  • Improve quality of life

The WholeLife Scale’s features and highlights include:

  • Complete Mental Health Appraisal
  • 5-8 minutes to complete
  • Online HIPAA Compliant Platform
  • Individual Summary Report
  • Executive Summary
  • Participation Reports
  • Ability to White Label and License

This measurement tool was designed to integrate behavioral health into workplace wellness programs, drive EAP utilization and provide a snapshot of your population’s mental health.


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