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Solera Health – Meet a Vendor

Shortlister hosted Brenda Schmidt, Founder and CEO of Solera Health, to talk about the “Prevention Care Benefits Manager” market category that Solera has created.  This category connects employees, payers, and physicians with an integrated network of non-medical prevention, coping and support providers, paid through medical claims.

Solera, as a Preventive Care Benefits Manager, contracts with health plans to administer non-medical services delivered by their network of community organizations and digital solutions paid through medical claims.  Employers work with Solera to identify their employees at high risk for obesity – related chronic conditions in coordination with other benefits aggregators and health management program providers. Solera is responsible for employee engagement and enrollment, network development and management, compliance and program integrity, data security, claims submission, and reporting.Prevention-Care-Benefits-Manager.png

They refer to themselves as a Preventive Care Benefits Manager, because they do not deliver any programs, but act as the single point contracting with the health plan or employers on behalf of a network of program providers.  They are a single source aggregator, connecting employees to an integrated network of high performing community and digital providers of prevention, coping and support services.  Solera works with employers and consultants to identify and engage employees who are at the highest risk for chronic diseases.  

Brenda began by stating that “there are currently over 1,400 organizations that deliver Diabetes Prevention programs.  From an employer perspective, how are they supposed to figure out which one may even meet the bulk of the employee population, but more importantly, how can they offer a variety of solutions that meet the needs of majority of the employee population at risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease?”  What Solera found was that the choice must:

  • Be easy
  • Provide options aligned with interests and goals
  • Meet buyer values

Solera has developed the technology and business model that allows health plans and employers to contract with non-clinical program providers to meet all of the regulatory, HIPAA, data compliance and privacy requirements.  Solera also supports employee choice on behalf of a very large, integrated network of digital apps and dozens of community organizations. 


Solera identifies a given organization’s high-risk employees via biometric data or an online risk screener in order to assure the greatest return on investment.  Based on the employee’s unique needs and preferences, Solera matches them to the “best fit” program provider from dozens of community organizations and digital solutions offering evidence-based programs, including the Diabetes Prevention Program.  While employees enroll with an array of network partners, the employer will enjoy one seamless report detailing their engagement, outcomes and satisfaction.


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