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Health Advocate – Meet a Vendor

Shortlister invited Stacey Anger and Jeff Skelton, Product Specialists for Wellness and Biometrics with Health Advocate, to introduce the newly launched Engagement Platform and talk about their expanded and integrated well-being services. 

Health Advocate is a nation’s leader in healthcare advocacy and assistance serving 50 million eligible members and over 12,000 clients.  Some of the things that Health Advocate offers, include:Health-Advocate-Capabilities.png

  • Clarify healthcare conditions, treatments, and benefits
  • Locate providers and arrange second opinions
  • Resolve healthcare and insurance-related claim and billing issues
  • Uncover health risks before they turn into problems
  • Support members in making healthy lifestyle changes and managing chronic conditions
  • Help members to make informed, cost-effective decisions
  • Provide on-site biometric screening and flu shot services
  • Support with personal and work/life issues

Health Advocate programs focus on the whole person (leveraging data from claims, biometrics, HRA, and demographics) to provide a personalized approach via phone, in person, and mobile experience, to drive and sustain healthy behaviors.  Currently, Health Advocate offers a variety of services to their members including: Health Advocacy, Wellness, Pricing Transparency, Gaps in Care Coaching, EAP + Work/Life, Biometrics, Chronic Condition Coaching, Telemedicine, Second Opinion, Health Education, Benefit Information, and Chronic Care Support.

It is important to understand the high level of overview of how Health Advocate approaches these solutions for the individual employee.  They take a very holistic approach to understanding that every individual goes on their own journey toward better health.  So, where they are, where they want to get to, and most importantly, how they want to get there will be different for each individual.  Health Advocate wants to provide the support, not only as many platforms do with exercise and nutrition, but to all of the other needs as well, such as physical, financial, emotional, professional, and social, all from a single location.

Jeff stated that their research shows that the average organization will have 7 different vendors that the employee would have to navigate through, in order to solve any issue or answer any questions they might have.  Health Advocate wanted to solve this problem by creating an integrated solution that would simplify this process and connect it all together.  Based on the feedback that Health Advocate has received from their consultant partners, employers, and members, they have greatly enhanced the technology available to the users and they now have released a new Engagement Portal that:Health-Advocate-Services.png

  • Includes a new member website and mobile app
  • Makes engaging employees simple and fun
  • Puts Health Advocate’s experts and resources right at their fingertips
  • Allows them to reach all their Health Advocate services and benefits in one place
  • Is flexible to create a unique, customized platform for each client

Recognizing that employers are searching for a partner to act as an “agnostic aggregator” of the benefits they provide employees, Health Advocate has created its new Engagement Platform to help personalize the employee healthcare experience, while also providing employers with an access to a wide range of well-being services, all under one roof.  And, its flexible enough so each organization can customize the available components and build a unique wellness program to fit their culture and meet their needs.

The new online member experience:

  • Helps engage your employees and motivate them to improve their health
  • Offers personalized, expert help and trusted online resources
  • Creates a personalized experience for each employee
  • Meets employees where they are
  • Is the perfect combination of high-touch and high-tech


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