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Shortlister hosted Lisa Davis, Program Manager, and Lead Facilitator at AdventHealth, to share AdventHealth’s most impactful whole-person health behavior-change programs designed to address key areas of health with strategies that will provide lifetime benefits both for employees and the organization overall.


AdventHealth is a faith-based, non-profit health care system that has been delivering world-class healthcare for more than 100 years. They are nationally recognized medical leaders in cancer, cardiac, children’s, and women’s care.

AdventHealth’s philosophy is based on a mind-body-spirit approach to resist disease, advance health, and guide people toward a more rewarding and satisfying life.  Their mission is simple: to help you and your company engage in healthy lifestyles in order to improve your overall health and quality of life. Their multidisciplinary team of researchers, in collaboration with their partners, work to advance the AdventHealth Mission by improving patient experience and outcomes while reducing the cost of health care.

Through their study of CREATION Life principles, AdventHealth strives to help their community feel whole in the following ways:


Stress, Sleep, and Trust are AdventHealth’s three unique whole-person health solutions that have resulted in effective behavior change reduced costs, and improved employee health.

These are the details about each solution:

This program helps participants reframe stress from a negative to a positive, find their optimal stress zone and use The Stress Recovery Effect to fuel future success. It equips participants with strategies to decrease stress and gives them the energy they need to optimize stress when it occurs.

This program brings together the latest in sleep science and behavioral change techniques. It offers practical, evidence-based solutions to the pressing problem of sleep deprivation and teaches participants how to end exhaustion, enhance energy, and sleep smarter.

This program is designed to help participants become intentional and mindful about earning, cultivating, repairing, and restoring trust. AdventHealth goal is to adjust your perspective, consider the current state of trust in your life, and take massive action to improve it. It aims to help participants grow stronger relationships and mend relationships that need healing.

These programs can be provided virtually or in-person to employees in two different formats:

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