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BURNALONG – Meet A Vendor

BURNALONG - Meet A Vendor

Shortlister hosted Daniel Freedman, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of BurnAlong to share their hard-won lessons on building and sustaining positive wellness habits while integrating seamlessly into a company’s existing programming and support structures.


BurnAlong is a corporate health, wellness, and social motivation platform with a life-changing mission to provide people the health and wellbeing programming and social support they need.

The areas where BurnAlong is focused on with clients are the following:


Diverse programming, relatable instructors, social interaction, and anywhere/anytime access gets more employees, and their families, engaged and sustained in wellness activities. Founded in behavioral science and infused with social connections and motivation, BurnAlong is a powerful solution to influence positive change in the lives of employees and their families.
BurnAlong’s live and on-demand classes can be used by entire workforces–from the young, active, and healthy, to those who are just starting on their wellness journey, to those who require chronic condition support, to those who need workouts for seniors.

BurnAlong supports the new employee experience with the following four company culture shifts:

1. Choice and diversity

2. Social motivation

3. Personalization

4. HR partnership and tools


BurnAlong’s approach and the science behind impacting behavioral change is:

Now, more than ever, the definition of wellness has broadened. A diversity of programming across physical, mental, and financial wellness is vital to drive engagement and positive change for clients. BurnAlong, has carefully built their platform on fostering authentic connections between people, empowering individuals through diversity of content and supporting companies and their wellness efforts with a full array of tools and analytics.

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