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Go365 – Meet a Vendor

Hear the results of Go365's wellness program case studyShortlister hosted Humana Well-being Practice Leads, Jake Lewellen and Courtney Schroeder, for a fast-paced webinar to see results from a brand-new wellness program case study.


Health and well-being is a theme for Go365, the organizations they serve, and the greater community.  They are serving their community with:

  • Improved health – Collective efforts lead to improved patient and community health
  • Lower costs – Lower out-of-pocket costs for patients
  • Behavior change – Health screenings and habits are improving, leading to stable health conditions
  • Participation – Increase in participation in wellness challenges and activities


Go365The study examined the value of wellness programs examined the value of wellness programs contributing to cost savings and happiness of long-term participants.  They reviewed healthcare claims and utilization trends from approximately 135,000 fully insured employees continuously enrolled in both a Humana medical plan and Go365 wellness and rewards program over four plan years.  This revealed that employees who are highly engaged in wellness programs long-term are inclined to have lower healthcare costs and report being satisfied with their health.


  • High-engaged members (Platinum/Gold Status) experienced an average of 24 percent lower claims costs, compared to low-engaged members (Blue/Bronze Status).
  • In large groups with 100+ associates, high-engaged members saved an average of $118 in healthcare claims per member per month, relative to low-engaged members.
  • High-engaged large group members had 2 percent more preventative care physician visits and lowered emergency room visits by 32 percent, compared to low-engaged members.
  • High-engaged members rated their overall health satisfaction as good to excellent, 5 percent more than low-engaged employees.


The results of the Go365 Fully Insured Outcomes Study found that consistent dedication and member engagement in Go365 can result in a significant reduction in healthcare claims. As the Go365 member’s Status threshold stepped up, claims savings increased proportionately.


To better serve a more distributed workforce, Go365 is expanding their digital ecosystem by adding virtual fitness partners and allowing self-submitted selfies as proof for home workouts.  Home test kits are eligible when completed with the approved vendor.

Go365 is evolving to meet your employees where they are on their wellness journey by:

Expanding eligible activities to include virtual athletic events, biometric-related activity alternatives, home test kits

Introducing gym alternatives, including new virtual fitness partners and at-home workout option

Increasing Points caps for Employer-sponsored Events, Challenge participationmembers can self-submit workouts

And now, members can self-submit workouts, which can then be verified by their employer.  Go365 also provides solutions and support for common concerns in 2021, including financial insecurity, lack of connection with others, and more accessibility to their EAP network.*


* Applicable to only fully insured Go365 groups.

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