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Limeade – Meet a Vendor

Shortlister hosted Sam Testa, Vice President of Sales, and Angela McCoun, Pre-Sales Solution Architect at Limeade, to share how Limeade is elevating the employee experience with its well-being solution.


Limeade is a publicly traded employee experience company that delivers world class well-being experiences for customers across the globe.  They lead by example, investing significantly in their own employee experience so they can credibly help companies elevate their own employee experiences.  Limeade customers range in size from 5,000 employees to 300,000 employees, serving one of the top three tech companies in the world, two major airlines, and three of the biggest pharma companies in the world who are currently working on COVID-19 vaccines.

Limeade offers three solutions in one platform, delivering an integrated approach to elevating the employee experience:

  • Well-being
  • Engagement
  • Inclusion

While some customers prefer an a la carte offering for just well-being, most want an extensible platform that can grow with them in the future.


Limeade seeks to genuinely understand why wellness initiatives are sometimes less than successful.  They identified the top five mistakes in the well-being industry that lead to failure:

  • Failure to deliver boardroom-worthy results
  • Poor execution despite good intentions
  • Time-consuming bad technology
  • Using an incentive approach
  • Disconnected employees


Today’s world of work calls for a different approach, and not just because of COVID-19, although it has certainly accelerated the change.  Employers need to elevate the way they think about and deploy well-being to be relevant in the modern workforce.  This is broader than a well-being program, this is providing an elevated employee experience.

Consider these questions for a moment:

  • What if you had a culture dashboard of scientifically connected data points to show your C-Suite and board of directors’ real boardroom issues like turnover, engagement, diversity and inclusion?
  • What if you started being more strategic with employee well-being, providing employee experiences that actually match the company’s mission and values?
  • What if employees truly could “stay in the app” to interact with other benefits? Imagine what they could do with the push of a button…request PTO, clock in/clock out, scheduled a call with a doctor, view their paycheck…the list goes on.
  • What if this digital experience actually adds value to the employees’ experience and they genuinely wanted to use it?

Now more than ever, employees across the globe are disconnected, burning out, and need to feel cared for by their employer.  The Limeade global Well-Being solution leverages powerful communications functionality to help employees feel more cared for and connected. They use smart, targeted technology to make the benefits navigation experience humane and enjoyable for employees who are tired of remembering dozens of portals and passwords among other inconveniences.

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