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Cleveland Clinic | Bravo – Meet A Vendor

How Bravo is maintaining wellness during a pandemicShortlister hosted Nicole Grasso, National Wellness Strategist for Bravo Wellness, and Percy Bhathena, Senior Director Wellness Enterprise for Cleveland Clinic, to share more about their clinical approach to supporting employers and reducing preventable health risks in the midst of, and beyond, the pandemic.

Whether your organization is on Plan B or has moved on to Plan E, you’ve likely evaluated your wellness programs. But now we know that COVID-19 isn’t going away anytime soon and that it impacts those most vulnerable with underlying health conditions. We can’t ignore the fact that health risks drive the increased costs of benefit plans. Now is not the time to table a wellness program!  Change may be necessary, but you can continue to provide measurable value to remote and essential employees by focusing on whole-person health.

Bravo’s focus is all about reducing health risks and engaging a population toward health improvement and prevention. That’s why the Cleveland Clinic chose to align with them. Enhancements to their program provide employers with options that are still clinically-backed, but do not rely on biometric screening data.

How stress impacts chronic conditions



  1. Complete a health risk assessment and optional biometric screening.
  2. Demonstrate tobacco/nicotine-free status.
  3. Complete 1 Cleveland Clinic coaching path.


  • Whole-person health is paramount right now.
  • Stress is having a massive impact on biometrics. Asking individuals to meet biometric goals could increase that stress.
  • Fitness devices, symptom tracking, and wellness articles aren’t enough to help most people stay healthy, both physically and emotionally, throughout this time.


Bravo has redeveloped packages that allow for more flexibility and configurability.  Their recent acquisition of PUSH Wellness and technology investments proactively engage participants in their wellness journey.  Paired with the updated Cleveland Clinic coaching offerings, participants gain the personalized support and guidance they need to improve their health and well-being.

Bravo's new package offerings and programs

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Medical Mutual, employers and brokers can be confident in Bravo’s financial stability, industry experience and product roadmap. They continue to focus on reducing health risks and healthcare costs, and the recent enhancements and investments allow participants to increase health awareness and healthy behaviors.


Based on the completion of a screening or a health risk assessment, areas of risk will be identified, and the member is invited to participate in the appropriate program(s) to reduce their risk.

Bravo’s system allows for smart communication campaigns. Not everyone will get the same message at the same time. The individual’s engagement will take them down their own unique path.  Completed activities and responses will drive tailored messages that help them on their journey toward better health.


Cleveland Clinic and Bravo have joined forces to offer a proven well-being solution to target the employer healthcare cost crisis without weakening employee benefits. They do this by empowering organizations with world-class health risk prevention, chronic condition management, a comprehensive employee engagement strategy, and clinically validated data and insight.

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