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DarioHealth – Meet A Vendor

DarioHealth-drives-behavior-changeShortlister hosted Dr. Omar Manejwala, Chief Medical Officer, and Matt Anderson, Vice President of Sales – North America at DarioHealth, to discuss how employers can help drive sustained behavior change in chronic disease with digital therapeutics.


Chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension have many well-defined problems that are worsening in every demographic:

  • Chronic diseases cause 7 out of every 10 deaths
  • 1 in 3 children born today will develop diabetes in their lifetime
  • Obesity in adults has doubled, and tripled in children
  • Chronic disease is the primary driver of disability and premature deaths

Living with chronic disease is difficult and people are told they should try harder to live healthier.  Employers spend more than 12 billion dollars a year on diabetes and hypertension alone and things aren’t getting better.  The underlying problem that needs to be addressed is behavior.


Effectively understanding and addressing behavior unlocks opportunities to improve outcomes.  Dario transforms behavior, making the right thing to do, the easy thing to do.



The rise in the adoption of digital health tools has provided employers with a variety of options to offer employees a way to better manage chronic diseases and improve health. However, many solutions fall short in driving sustained behavior change, resulting in less than optimal outcomes for both the employer and employee. With Dario’s 72,000+ members, they have access to billions of behavioral data points each year to learn from.  This allows them to create a hyper-personalized journey for each member, enabling sustained behavior change and chronic disease improvement.


Employers seeking to drive continuous improvements in employee health outcomes while reducing the cost of care associated with chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension must go beyond digital health tools and select more advanced digital therapeutic solutions.  Dario’s validated data and outcomes result in engagement and ROI.

  • 30-50% less expensive
  • Best in class eHbA1C reduction – 1.4%
  • Best in class ROI
  • Pay only for actively engaged members
  • No fee stacking for additional devices
  • Unlimited test strips and supplies
  • Value based contracting
  • Agnostic coaching
  • Interoperable data sharing


Dario’s simplicity makes engagement easy.  A net promoter score of 77 and an 80% year over year retention rate validates their 4.9-star rating in the app store.  A variety of tools, touchpoints, and coaching provides each member the personalization they need to transform behavior and improve chronic conditions and overall health.


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