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Fitbit – Meet A Vendor

Fitbit Care Ready for WorkShortlister hosted Georgia McDermott, Director of Strategic Partnerships with Fitbit, to talk about how employers should be thinking about returning to the workplace.

When it comes to workplace readiness, employees are concerned. In fact, in a recent PWC poll, 70% of 1000+ American employees surveyed said there is something that will prevent them from coming back even when workplaces are open, and of that number, 51% said it was because they’re scared about getting sick at work.

Employers will be expected to demonstrate that employee safety and health is a priority, and employees are looking for things like positive test notifications, workplace cleanliness and disinfectant procedures, social distancing protocols, and more. If remote, employees hope their employers address burnout and work/life balance with continuous programming and community support.


As we continue to learn about COVID-19, there are shifts in recommended detection methods, making it difficult to determine who may be contagious.  Fitbit is working with Stanford University and Scripps to find ways that wearables data can detect, track, and contain COVID-19.  To date, they have over 50,000 participant data points to fuel this essential work.

In Fitbit’s COVID-19 study:

  • Over 100K enrollees and 1000+ reported positive cases reported
  • Preliminary findings from the study show changes in three metrics (Breathing Rate, Heart Rate Variability, and Resting Heart Rate) and that these are useful metrics for indicating the onset of illness
  • Based on the findings, Fitbit can detect nearly 50% of COVID-19 cases one day before participants reported the onset of symptoms with 70% specificity.


Fitbit’s Ready for Work solution provides employees and employers with easy-to-use daily tools to make more informed decisions about their readiness to return to the workplace, and to get support for their physical and emotional well-being.

The Fitbit Ready for Work solution combines key health metrics and symptom checking into a unified, simple Daily Check-In experience.  This employee-driven experience offers a more complete view of health and allows employees to make early, informed decisions about their health status prior to entering the workplace, which can be an effective tool in reducing exposure and supporting business continuity efforts.

Fitbit tools for eturning to work safely


Based on your Fitbit data, self-assessment, and goals, get customized, step-by-step programs that guide you to eat better, move more, sleep well, and build healthy habits that last. Each lasts a few weeks.  There are 150+ workouts with personalized recommendations and fitness challenges to keep employees engaging with one another.  To relax, there is a vault of mindfulness content available on demand.  And Fitbit’s data-powered sleep tools will help form better sleep habits.  Want to take it all to the next level? Fitbit’s 1:1 health coaching will get you there.


There’s no denying that Fitbit’s new fall lineup promotes health and wellness.  Their most state-of-the-art wearable, Fitbit Sense, will detect skin temperature and goes deep into heart health.  Check out how it can also offer you a safer Return to the Workplace solution.

Fitbit's 2020 fall line up of wearable devices

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