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Health e(fx) – Meet A Vendor

learn about aca solutions from health e(fx)Shortlister hosted Tom Gonzalez, Director of Analytics, and Kerri Smith, Director of Product at Health e(fx), to share more about their solutions that simplify your greatest HR challenges.


As the largest ACA and health reform provider, Health e(fx) has been serving brokers, admin partners, some of the nation’s largest employers and over 22 million individuals.

They help solve your problems with solutions that make health reform compliance and reporting easier.  This will:

  • Minimize your penalty risk
  • Get the health reform expertise you need to be ready for change
  • Reduce HR workload



State Individual Mandate

Solve your health reform needs including state individual mandate reporting

States considering individual healthcare mandates

HR Insights Analytics – Make your data work

ACA Compliance: Deeper view to manage compliance risk

Health Benefits: Insights to manage costs and opportunities

Workforce Management: Better understand your demographics to support retention

ACA Technology & Services – One platform, three options

Reporting Plus: For employers only needing IRS reporting, submissions, and corrections

Enhanced: For employers with streamlined plans requiring expert coding

Enterprise: For employers with complex workforces, data, and structures requiring eligibility determination


The history of states that require health insurance

Health e(fx) was first to offer reporting for New Jersey and Washington D.C. in 2019 and will include California and Rhode Island for the 2020 reporting season.  The Health e(fx) system is continuously updated to support state mandate needs and privacy laws.  They support the different filing formats and timelines per state guidelines and can process form corrections right in their system.


Health e(fx) recently launched a new analytic product to provide you with the data and the facts to help you identify additional opportunities to save on healthcare costs, one of an employer’s biggest spends.

Optimize workforce decisions

  • Based on the estimated COVID-19 infection rate in the counties where my employees work, what locations and populations could be impacted the most?

Reduce compliance risk

  • Which FEINs require most attention to mitigate Penalty A risk?
  • What’s the breakdown of my full-time, determined not full time and yet to be determined employees and how is this breakdown changing over time?

Identify healthcare participation and savings opportunities

  • How does enrollment and company benefit premium cost vary across my FEINs and employee segments?
  • What are employee costs as a percent of pay — and associated participation — for the health plan options offered?
  • Are our customer-facing employees participating in the company health plan?


The Affordable Care Act continues to bring new compliance challenges to employers and that reporting compliance is NOT getting easier.  Health e(fx) has been an industry leading ACA solution provider since the beginning and they continue to evolve and expand their offering beyond ACA with a big focus on data analytics.


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