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Vida Health – Meet A Vendor

Learn how Vida Health heals the mind and bodyShortlister hosted Chris Mosunic PhD, Chief Clinical Officer, and Kevin Knight, VP of Marketing at Vida Health, to provide insight as to why every chronic condition is also a behavioral health condition.

With nearly half of America living with one or more chronic conditions, we have a lot of work to do.  Most existing interventions today, whether they are in person or virtual, are only capable of treating one condition at a time, leading to suboptimal outcomes.  To achieve best-in-class outcomes, the physical and the behavioral symptoms need to be treated in tandem.

Vida’s whole health approach treats the whole person in what they call polychronic care — meaning, the physical symptoms are treated with the behavioral ones.  This integrated approach is of vital importance to employers in the U.S., both in improving the general health and well-being of their populations, and in improving the costs of care.

How Vida addresses chronic conditions and mental health


It’s difficult to know where the cycle of poor health begins. For some it’s the behavioral health that leads to a chronic condition, and for others it’s the chronic conditions that creates behavioral health problems.  In order to create the change necessary to break the cycle, the underlying behaviors must be treated first with cognitive behavior therapy (CBT).

Vida uses cognitive behavior change to treat chronic conditions


Vida Health offers personalization by combining human touch, technology, and integration with the healthcare system.  These touchpoints include:

  • Vida care navigator
  • Vida coach/RD/CDE
  • Vida therapist
  • Digital therapeutics
  • Connected devices
  • Machine learning
  • Health data
  • Pharmacist
  • Primary care physician



The Vida service is built to provide motivational support and accountability. The coach or therapist does a motivational interview at intake to determine the member’s stage of change, motivations, and preferences, so they can personalize a plan for the member based on this information. Continued weekly live consults and 24×7 messaging in the app allow coaches and therapists to support and motivate their members when, where, and how its needed.

The Vida app also delivers educational content, motivational reminders and progress tracking so members can see their improvements, which in turn leads to additional motivation.  Habit streaks then encourage users to continue repeating habits and behaviors.

Behavior change with Vida starts with a true human connection


Vida Health’s modular platform allows clients to choose just one solution or a full range of programs based on the particular needs of their employee population, making it easy to deploy.

Then, at the individual level, Vida’s machine learning technology provides a personalized treatment program supported by a nationwide network of best in class providers who provide the human connection that helps members to prevent, manage and even reverse their chronic health conditions and address behavior change simultaneously for lasting results.

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