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Physera – Meet a Vendor

Shortlister hosted Jocelyn Nowak, VP of Mid-Market Sales, and Todd Norwood, Director of Clinical Services, to share how Physera brings virtual physical therapy to provide employees with personalized care for muscle and joint pain.

About Physera

Physera is a workforce virtual physical therapy solution that provides care to patients using licensed physical therapists via a smartphone app. As of May 2020, Physera is a part of Omada Health.

The Problems Physera Solves

The global pandemic has hastened the pace at which companies and their employees have been forced into the adoption of digital solutions in all areas of business. Wellness and physical therapy are no different.

Working from home has caused new physical difficulties for workers, as the absence of traditional workspaces, ergonomic chairs and other standard office furniture can be the source of new ailments and injuries in our now-confined world. Simultaneously, doctor’s visits have become more difficult than ever, as stay-at-home orders and social distancing are the new normal.

Physera’s virtual physical therapy solution solves both traditional obstacles to receiving proper muscle and joint care, and new obstacles caused by the pandemic:

  • Accessibility: Care is available anytime, anywhere via smartphone app: no trips to a physical location. Physera gives you “Physical therapists in your pocket.”
  • Scheduling: 100% of patients can get an appointment within 48 hours, with same-day care available 44% of the time, unlike traditional physical therapy consultations which can take weeks or months to book.
  • Proper Treatment: The CDC recommends that patients start muscle or joint treatment with physical therapy. Patients can come directly to Physera without first seeing a primary-care physician. Ninety percent of patients can be treated remotely; if not, Physera directs them to specialists or in-person physical therapy.

Early physical therapy helps thwart long-term health issues as well, leading to measurably better outcomes:

  • 43% reduction in use of advanced imaging
  • 40% reduction in lumbar spine injections
  • 41% reduction in lumbar spine surgeries
  • 15% reduction in opioid use

With Physera, patients saw an average 27 percent reduction in medical spend compared to similar employees who did not use Physera.

Better Care With Physera

Not only do patients get quicker and more accessible physical therapy with Physera, but they also get high-quality, evidence-based care.

Only the Best Physical Therapists

Physera has strict hiring standards for its physical therapists.

  • Only 30% of physical therapists pass the initial screener exam
  • Only 4% of applicants are hired
  • Physera physical therapists are eight times more likely to have a specialty than standard physical therapy

Patient Outcomes

  • 61% total pain reduction
  • 83% total function improvement
  • 98% of patients showed improvement in the area of concern
  • 95% of patients highly satisfied with the program
  • 99% of patients highly satisfied with quality of care


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