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QUESTIS – Meet A Vendor

QUESTIS - Meet A Vendor

Shortlister hosted John Tabb, Questis Co-founder and CEO, and Dr. Martha Menard, Behavioral Scientist and Head of Coaching to share how Questis improves financial well-being among employees with the goal to reduce stress and increase productivity.


Financially stressed people need more than an article or two to read. They need a real person to guide them with financial expertise, strong personal connections, and consistent, compassionate support for working through their concerns and frustrations. That’s where Questis comes in.

Questis is a workforce financial empowerment company that combines accessible technology with real human-centered coaching to deliver holistic financial care. They help businesses become life-changing employers by healing the root causes of their employees’ financial stress with people + technology. Founded by a cross-disciplinary team of financial advisors, tech leaders, and business visionaries, Questis makes the value of personalized financial planning accessible to everyone.


  • Coaching
  • Group & One-on-one 
  • Personalized Coaching
  • Empathetic Understanding
  • Unbiased Guidance
  • Intrinsic Motivation

  • Technology
  • DIY Technology
  • 360 Financial View
  • Cashflow & Budgeting 
  • Debt Management 
  • Educational Content

  • Engagement
  • Personalized Proactive Communications
  • Inclusive and Confidential Group Workshops 
  • Live, Ask-Us-Anything Events
  • Mobile first platform for peer-to-peer sharing


  • For People
  • Less financial stress
  • Progress towards financial goals
  • Improved financial confidence
  • Financial resilience

  • For Companies
  • Enhanced culture, loyalty
  • Improved retention
  • Increased productivity

  • For Brokers
  • Strengthen client loyalty
  • Win new business
  • Demonstrate ROI
  • Needs analysis


Employees’ financial stress is impacting the workplace like never before. People are distracted by their financial situation and actively seeking solutions, which often involve looking for another job. On the other hand, when financial well-being among employees is improved, it leads to less financial stress overall, translating into increased productivity and reduced turnover in the workplace.

Questis solves one of the biggest business problems – a financially stressed workforce – with access to easy-to-use resources at no cost, helping people be in a better position to make financially responsible decisions for themselves or on behalf of their families. 

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