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VILLYGE – Meet A Vendor

VILLYGE - Meet A Vendor

Shortlister hosted Debi Yadegari, Founder and CEO of Villyge, to discuss why supporting the working parent (or other caregiver) is NOT enough and how Villyge works with employers to offer a comprehensive offering that does so much more than just support the employee. Villyge provides the leadership tools and managerial guidance that so many bosses lack when it comes to supporting their employees through some of life’s most difficult journeys. It is this integration of direct employee support with automated manager support that sets Villyge apart from the competition.


While employers have come to recognize the benefit of supporting their working parents and caregivers, support for the employee alone is not enough, and managerial support is essential to the establishment of a family-friendly workplace. Caregiving is hard.  Even with the help and assistance that so many solutions offer, employees still struggle.  This is because existing solutions offer employees a band aid, providing a selection of silos from which employees can self-serve a bit of assistance around specific topics as they need, and fail to recognize that an employee’s success requires so much more than just individual guidance. 

For caregivers to be successful in the workplace they need both access to the tools, resources and information that can address their immediate needs and the support of their manager. Without the help of their manager, employees will fail to thrive.  And even in the presence of forward-thinking corporate policies, the messaging is lost when managers do not possess the understanding or know how to place such policies into everyday operation. Villyge closes this gap and helps companies to create workplaces where culture meets policy. 


Villyge is an employer-paid benefit and B2B solution that supports working parents and caregivers, offering employees access to on-demand 1:1 personalized care, pre-conception to college (and throughout elder care), and guides managers through the process of supporting their team members by providing “just in time” nudges and sensitivity training designed to increase retention, maximize productivity, and reduce claims of discrimination.  Villyge lightens HR’s load by placing the equivalent of an HR fairy on every manager’s shoulder, helping them to better support their team members through some of life’s toughest journeys, lightening HR’s load.


Villyge works with employers to offer a comprehensive offering that supports the employee, the manager and HR, closing the gap between corporate policies and company culture. They have developed a win-win solution that drives ROI and positions companies to be employers of choice.

Villyge provides comprehensive support that meets working parents at the intersection of work and home, so they can achieve their personal family goals and professional success. The same support helps managers to achieve the following:


One of the main reasons why companies choose Villyge is because their solution lightens HR’s load by engaging managers in the 3 pillars of empathy and creates family-friendly workplaces where culture meets policy and managers can:

These past years have been incredibly challenging times for everyone, but it seems like we are finally seeing the end of the pandemic, or at least adapting to the new normal.

While the consequences of COVID-19 have been felt by everyone, the pandemic has hit working parents particularly hard. Villyge’s holistic solution comes at a time when employees are looking for a better way to achieve their families’ personal goals and professional success.

That is exactly why Villyge is reimagining the corporate landscape and creating a family-first philosophy where caregivers no longer have to choose between their personal and professional goals. Thanks to Villyge, employees feel supported by their manager and can thrive in a culture of inclusivity and respect.

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