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VIRGIN PULSE – Meet A Vendor

VIRGIN PULSE – Meet A Vendor

Shortlister hosted Chelsea Steinmeyer, Executive Director, Consultant Relations at  Virgin Pulse, for an overview on how Virgin Pulse is “future proofing” the health and wellbeing space through behavior change, condition management and analytics.


Founded in 2004, Virgin Pulse is a behavior change company that designs technology that cultivates good lifestyle habits for employees. For the past 17 years, they have been working with many organizations from all shapes and sizes worldwide with one goal in mind – to move the global wellbeing industry forward.

Virgin Pulse has evolved since it’s inception from a wellness solution, to a wellbeing hub, to a health and wellbeing platform to where they are today; a Homebase for Health for their members. The lines between wellbeing and health are blurry and after several years of partnering with employers and consultants who had very unique needs spanning across behavior change, condition management, integration with third parties, digital navigation to digital therapeutics, they knew they had to have a flexible set of solutions to address the varying needs. 

Flexible solutions, paired with unparalleled levels of engagement and data, is the secret sauce to delivering meaningful outcomes for members and employers. Virgin Pulse delivers а full continuum, versus a “this or that” when it comes to program outcomes including:

  • Member engagement – 55% of the members achieved sustained engagement
  • Reduced health risk – 39% of members report decreased stress levels
  • Clinical outcomes – 66% of members experienced an improvement in their clinical health metrics
  • Business outcomes – 16% productivity gain and 18% absenteeism reduction
  • Claim cost savings – over $1000 in healthcare cost savings per person


  • Virgin Pulse Ignite – is a total wellbeing platform that supports organizations in building cultures of health and focuses on daily engagement and social wellbeing. Virgin Pulse has significantly expanded Ignite’s content from 8 to 21 health topics across lifestyle and wellbeing.
  • Virgin Pulse Engage – is a wellbeing, health and benefits intelligent platform that offers content across 38 different topic areas spanning lifestyle, condition specific and behavioral health. Virgin Pulse has announced the introduction of live one-on-one Guides to the Engage offering to ensure members are able to navigate programs and resources that are most suitable for their individual needs.


Whatever Homebase for Health platform is chosen, both have the ability to bring together your client’s expansive partner ecosystem into one simple and unified experience. They can add any partner your clients have today, or clients can choose from their expansive partner network.

As announced, Virgin Pulse has committed to offering 4 new partners each quarter in 21 and in summer alone, Virgin Pulse will launch seven new partnerships including Vida, Rx Savings, Pack Health, Airbo, One Drop, Quit Genius and Burnalong.  For clients who are looking to implement partners in certain areas with cost savings baked in, they have VP+ available which includes 7 carefully curated partners across areas that are commonly asked for.

Each year organizations face rising healthcare costs, ineffective approaches to close gaps in care, and the continuous challenge of communicating preventive and condition-specific actions to employees. Over the years, Virgin Pulse demonstrated their commitment to delivering a solution that is as simple or sophisticated as you need it to be, reaching your entire population through unmatched engagement and around the world, to drive the outcomes your business is looking for.

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