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Interactive Health Competitors Following Bankruptcy

Employee health and wellness vendor Interactive Health has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, according to reports. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy seeks to dissolve the company to pay creditors. According to The Daily Herald, the company has been marked permanently closed online, and phone calls and emails to the company have gone unanswered. This reflects what Shortlister has heard from Interactive Health clients and others in the industry: Interactive Health has immediately ceased its wellness services to clients.

Shortlister automates the RFP process for employers and consultants looking for HR services and technology providers. This gives us unique data to understand the services that Interactive Health was considered for, what companies it most often competed against for those services, and which competitors it most often lost business to. Overall, since May 2019, Interactive Health was considered in 44 bids RFPs via the Shortlister platform.

For a company now in immediate need of a health and wellness provider, access to this data can help inform your research for a new provider.

Interactive Health Competitors

A few of Interactive Health’s competitors have included:

Competitor lists for Interactive Health’s Services

More exhaustive lists of vendors offering Interactive Health’s primary services can be found below:

Thoughtfully selecting a new health and wellness provider requires more than just considering a few of your former provider’s competitors. Shortlister’s technology provides a wealth of data for selecting your next provider, including: reviews, pricing information, and company demographics, in addition to integrated RFP functionality.

A majority of the largest benefit consultants in the US use Shortlister, so ask your consultant if they have access to Shortlister and can help you conduct research and a RFP for a new provider.

If you’re a large employer that doesn’t use your consultant to research the market and conduct RFPs, you may be a candidate for Shortlister’s Connect product, which is for HR professionals specifically.  In an effort to help employers that have been left without a provider after Interactive Health’s abrupt exit from the market, Shortlister is providing free access to Shortlister Connect.  A few samples of the vendor data & comparison functionality the Connect platform supports is displayed below.  If you have an interest in access to Shortlister Connect, click the Request Access button below:


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