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LifeWorks – Meet A Vendor

Shortlister hosted Kevin Swearingen, Director of Global Business Development, to share how LifeWorks brings together a best-in-class user experience and clinical support to achieve complete mental, physical, social, and financial wellbeing for people all over the world.

LifeWorks by Morneau Shepell is the world’s leading Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provider and a global pioneer in the industry with a vision to provide the right care at the right time to people, organizations and communities across the globe so they can grow and thrive.  The LifeWorks platform and mobile app are available in 40+ languages, including international languages such as English, French, and Spanish, giving LifeWorks the capability to reach over 170 countries worldwide.

Globally Consistent, Locally Relevant


As an organization, LifeWorks’ goal is to deliver “EAP Evolved” that exceeds the notion that an EAP is merely a “check the box” benefit with a low utilization rate.  This reactive approach doesn’t adequately address the stigma associated with mental health.  Making your EAP a wellbeing benefit rather than a sick benefit allows the opportunity to deliver effective mental health care.

Lifeworks’ innovations and initiatives to be more than your standard EAP dial back down to the global mental health crisis and the way organizations are reacting to it.  If you view the mental health spectrum, organizations often have an EAP or mental health tool in place that employees use once they’re already symptomatic or high risk – after the individual is already anxious, stressed, going through financial hardship, etc.  EAPs are ideal for quickly reacting to individuals in distress, and LifeWorks by Morneau Shepell has been excelling in this area for over 50 years.

However, what they’ve found is that there’s a massive gap in the industry that isn’t being actively addressed – the healthy individuals.  Most EAPs and mental health resources don’t have anything in place that focuses on your healthy employees to prevent them from ever reaching that symptomatic state.  That’s where LifeWorks has adjusted their strategy.  They’ve set a goal to not just be a tool that’s used in times of crisis, but to also be a proactive and preventative wellbeing tool that supports more employees more often in all areas that affect mental wellbeing.


LifeWorks’ value proposition is truly differentiated in the global marketplace:

LifeWorks employee assistance program key differentiators



The reason LifeWorks has had so much success in the global space is because of their focus on local relevancy and differentiating their approach based on the maturity of the market and cultural dynamics. They’ve done this by grouping regions and countries by adoption or maturity and creating a strategy around that.  For example, in North America, the United Kingdom, and Ireland, the EAP market is fairly mature.  While there is some stigma around mental health, the program can be promoted as an EAP and mental health tool and individuals will be more receptive and open to using it.  With mature markets, users are engaged through multiple access points and personalized experiences.

In countries where the market is not necessarily as mature or accepted, such as parts of Asia, South America, or Central Europe, one must be cognizant of how the EAP is promoted to ensure that users aren’t turned off by it.  Promoting it as a mental health tool typically won’t work as well in these countries.  Instead, promoting work-life services or rolling out a financial wellbeing campaign both create gateways into the program in a way that participants may be more familiar and comfortable with.


The ability to access a counselor is extremely important; however, it is almost equally important that the employee has choice in the type of counseling that they receive. That is why providing as many modalities as possible to create comfort and confidentiality for the employees is key in LifeWorks’ innovation strategy.  Members have 24/7 access to:

  • LifeWorks Mobile App
  • First Chat
  • SMS Text
  • Digital CareNow Programs
  • Telephonic Counseling
  • Video Counseling
  • e-Counseling
  • In-Person Counseling

Members will also have access to content and resources with a personalized newsfeed and thousands of perks and savings within the LifeWorks wellbeing platform.

Content, resources, and discounts with LifeWorks wellbeing platform

PRODUCT UPDATES from lifeworks

CareNow is a digital self-guided counseling model.  It helps an employee through a series of modules to address a specific issue if they don’t quite feel ready to have a conversation yet.

The Total Well-being Index organizational report offers insights into the strengths and risks of an organization’s people.  This provides organizations with a simple way to understand the wellbeing of their population, track change over time in each area and understand how levels of risk change over time as interventions are put in place.


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