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Orange Grove Consulting specializes in research-based leadership development and bias-removal. We help organizations improve recruitment, retention and promotion of diverse talent across an organization. We can uncover barriers to diversity in current talent pipeline with a focus on removing them so all people can thrive. Our end goal is to create more innovative and inclusive workplaces.

With two published books, original research, as well as numerous white papers, we have a deep understanding of not only the theory but the reality of how to build inclusive competencies for workplaces.

Our diverse team & network of consultants have years of operational, training, and change management experience; we have offices in Boston, Austin, and LA.

Our proprietary approach is operational and skills-based - just like any other operational initiative. We assess current state, identify specific goals, and consistently measure progress for organizations serious about their DEI efforts. This directly leads to a positive operational impact.

Our research suggests that only 31% of employees are trained in inclusion and only 21% of senior leaders are trained on how to manage diverse populations. Inclusive behaviors can be taught; just like with other leadership/soft skills, it is a matter of identifying and developing specific skillets. Using cognitive-behavioral-therapy practices, we teach leaders and individual contributors how to apply inclusive skills in everyday situations so that inclusion becomes ingrained in the culture.

What We Do:
We are learning experts, with centuries of experience in learning in person and virtual. Our programs have live, interactive, engaging synchronous workshops and relevant pre/inter/post microlearning assignments. Our virtual facilitated workshops utilize the latest technology and online tools.

We offer a range of comprehensive
training options on topics such as:
• Inclusive Leadership for Associates
and Leaders
• Women in Leadership
• Mentorship/Allyship
• Diversity in Pipeline & Promotion

We train so it’s accessible and easy for people to learn. Training is available in synchronous (LIVE!), asynchronous (ONLINE/VIRTUAL), and blended programs, for both small
cohorts and larger groups. Condensed, high-level executive sessions are available for leadership. LMS-friendly modules are offered for large-scale employee training.

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Orange Grove Consulting - We Operationalize Inclus Info & Reviews

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