Sonic Boom Wellness

  • 4.4/5 (11 reviews)

  • 4.4/5 (11 reviews)

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Key Statistics

Minimum Client Size
500 to 500000
Total Customers Served
Most Popular Offerings
1. Wellness Platform
2. Challenges or Walking Programs
3. Incentive Fulfillment

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Sonic Boom Wellness drives long-term health improvement by creating personalized programs people love and want to take part in. Sonic Boom’s robust digital engagement platform includes native apps that provide full parity betwe...

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Sonic Boom Wellness is brilliant. Their team and product is top of the line in every way - they are light-speed responsive, they anticipate our needs before we even know them, they are insanely professional and employ a team of smart-creatives and, their product is so customizable it's truly unparalleled (while also being grounded in best practices/science). Senior Resource Group couldn't be happier with our partnership with Sonic Boom and we know our 4,500 employees would agree!


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