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Sparta Science

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About Sparta Science

Sparta Science is a leader in the application of movement diagnostic software in the pursuit of human resilience. Sparta Science optimizes health and performance for employees, athletes, warfighters, and patients with evidence-based movement scans and data-driven exercise prescriptions that minimize injury risk and speed effective rehabilitation to physical activity. Sparta technology is used worldwide by elite and conventional military forces, professional, collegiate, high school and youth sports organizations, corporations, and insurance providers committed to helping people move better, at work, at play, and on duty.

Value Proposition

Human movement is a metric that has never been measured, assessed, and quantified like other vital signs (blood pressure, heart rate), yet it is critical to everything we do and how we feel. Sparta Science is a SaaS-based AI platform that has proven to drastically improve movement quantifiably. Our patented force platform and software is used by over 120 organizations that have generated billions of data points and signatures to predict both performance and injury. Most importantly, Sparta Science proactively generates a plan specific for the individual to reduce any risk while enhancing performance on the job which has provided drastic savings on injury costs, insurance claims and absenteeism.

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  • Corporate Musculoskeletal Programs

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