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WW Health Solutions

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  • Founded 02-01-1963
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  • Customers Served 4.4M

About WW Health Solutions

As the world’s leading commercial provider of digital and in-person weight management services, WW’s purpose is to inspire healthy habits for real life. WW is a proven approach to weight loss, informed by the latest nutrition and behavior change science research, and validated by dozens of peer-reviewed publications. While WW has innovated and evolved since its inception over 55 years ago, the core of the program—a supportive community, expert Coaches, and a focus on well-being rather than just weight loss—lives on and continues to resonate with millions of active members worldwide. This foundation, combined with our engaging and innovative digital member experience, will deliver sustainable, positive results for our members. WW is the most studied commercial weight management program, and our results show that we reliably produce weight losses of 5% or more of body weight, which has repeatedly shown to reduce CVD risk factors such as cholesterol, diabetes, and high blood pressure, and improvements in quality of life. Additionally, WW is one of the few commercially available weight management programs that fulfills the United States Preventative Task Force criteria for behavioral lifestyle interventions for weight loss.

Value Proposition

WW Health Solutions partners with employers and health plans as they strive to improve productivity, reduce absenteeism, attract/retain talent and promote a healthier workforce by empowering their employees and members with the tools and support they need to adopt healthier habits for real life. After decades of helping people lose weight, WW has made some big changes, all aimed at living up to our purpose and it begins by making wellness possible for everybody: employees in your organization can now join no matter what their goal, whether they want to lose weight, eat healthier, move more, develop a more positive mindset, or all the above. We apply our nutrition and behavior science expertise to help members learn how to eat what they love, shift their mindset, and do what moves them. We have partnered with some of the nation’s largest corporations, payers, and healthcare providers to implement custom wellness strategies that positively impact health and culture.

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WW Health Solutions Offerings

  • Behavioral Health Providers
  • Diabetes Programs
    • Diabetes Prevention Programs
    • Diabetes Management Programs
    • Mindfulness at Work
    • Stress Management in the Workplace
    • Corporate Resilience Program
    • Corporate Fitness
    • On Demand Fitness Programs
    • Corporate Nutrition Programs
    • Weight Management Programs

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