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About CommonBond

Student loan debt is one of the biggest challenges facing today’s workforce – and high-caliber candidates are looking for an employer with solutions. CommonBond For Business puts you ahead of the curve and sets you apart from the competition. CommonBond offers a comprehensive suite of student loan benefits that can help all of your employees with student debt, regardless of income or credit profile. From refinancing the debt to lower interest rates, to offering an evaluation tool and contribution platform to help get the debt paid down faster, CommonBond is here to help solve the student debt crisis.

Value Proposition

1) Customer Service – CommonBond’s Customer Service team won the 2017 Stevie award for having the best customer service for a financial services company of its size. We understand that having a partner you trust to treat you well is critically important and we have therefore invested highly to ensure that we go above and beyond what is expected of a company.

2) Savings –Our comprehensive lineup of in-house lending products and financial education tools ensure that your employees obtain the greatest savings possible.

3) Simplicity – Taking out student loans and repaying them does not have to be a difficult, arduous, opaque process, and with CommonBond, it’s not. The combination of our digital-first student loan products and award-winning customer service team result in customer experiences that are always intuitive and easy.

4) Social Promise – Since the first day of our company, CommonBond has been committed to enabling education at home through our products, and abroad through our social promise. Our company has a 1-for-1 model with the non-profit, Pencils of Promise. Every loan taken out with us helps pay for a child in Ghana to go to school for an entire year.

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