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Shortlister is the largest HR benefits database and RFP platform for effortlessly researching, comparing, and selecting vendors.
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Stay on Top of The Expanding Vendor Landscape

Shortlister features over 8,000 HR, wellness, and benefits vendors across 290+ products. Our platform allows you to manage the entire vendor lifecycle process – from research to RFP – to ensure your clients utilize the best solutions.

Capture Knowledge & Experiences

Privately share vendor insights, experiences, and ratings/reviews across your team.

Maximize Time & Efficiency

Streamline the research and selection process by eliminating the repetitive task of gathering, storing and updating vendor information.

Get Unbiased & Up-To-Date Data

Vendors enroll for free. Shortlister reviews all vendor data and completes a “validation review” to ensure accuracy.

We Are the Industry’s Largest HR Vendor Database

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Get Integrated Features for Next-Level Efficiency

Let Shortlister’s technology do the heavy lifting while you build value for your clients.

Vendor Profiles

Stay on top of the rapidly expanding vendor landscape and browse 8,000+ vendors, including their products, features, pricing, client size, and more.

Search Filters

Browse more effectively and run targeted searches using the platform’s filters to narrow down a list of possible vendors for your client.

Ratings & Reviews

Keep your colleagues in the loop by sharing vendor experiences via ratings and reviews so the whole team can properly advise clients.

Comparison Reports

Save time by creating white-labeled PDF reports comparing vendor capabilities in minutes.

Improve Collaboration

Privately share vendor insights and notes with your team, including the ability to "flag" and "favorite" vendors.

Pre-Completed RFIs

Quickly access standardized RFI information for all vendors and get instant access to over 8,000 vendor-answered RFI questions.

Preferred Pricing

Access best-in-market pricing for your clients or rev share for your firm via Shortlister’s Vendor Incentive Program.

RFP Management

Accelerate the typical RFP timeline by managing and sending RFPs in the Shortlister platform.

Direct Messaging

Easily initiate a conversation with vendors using the messaging feature within the Shortlister Platform.

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Request a demo of the Shortlister Platform to see how it can simplify the vendor research process and achieve the best client outcomes.  

Accelerate the Typical RFP Timeline

The Shortlister Platform’s integrated RFP capabilities allow your team to directly manage and send RFPs, upload client-specific documentation, and track vendors’ intent to bid, their proposals, and questions in real-time.
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Boost Revenue with the Vendor Incentive Program

Not only do you save time when you issue your RFPs with Shortlister, but you’ll also have access to built-in discounts or revenue share options.
Our volume and user base allow us to negotiate the best rates from vendors, and we pass them along to you.

We Are an Extension of Your Team

Spend more time supporting your clients and let our teams handle the manual and time-consuming tasks of organizing vendor data. 

Shortlister has dozens of team members focused on researching the vendor landscape, collecting and vetting vendor information to ensure your team has access to the most up-to-date information on vendor capabilities. 

Account Management

Your dedicated account manager will answer any questions you have and help you identify the best vendor options for unique client requests.

Vendor Relations

Our Vendor Relations team onboards vendors, vets their data and keeps it up-to-date. Giving you the information you need to compare and evaluate vendors.


Shortlister’s Research team is constantly evaluating the next products to add and the specific questions to ask to differentiate vendor capabilities.

Additional Support

Our Marketing and Development teams are available to help drive utilization of Shortlister and create functionality to fit your existing team structure and use case.

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