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“I LOVE Shortlister. It’s a great tool backed by some of the best minds in the business. Thank you for making my life easier and more importantly improving the RFP process.”

Employee Benefits Consultant, Rush Hospital
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“Shortlister was instrumental in helping us to identify a platform that fit our unique company culture. Their experience in the industry and resources saved us a lot of time, and eliminated any confusion during the selection process.”

Team Manager, Fortune 500 Company
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“The Shortlister team was thorough, thoughtful, and efficient. The information provided by the platform was instrumental in completing the proposal process in a timely and effective manner.”

Health and Welfare Benefits Manager, Large Hospital System

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A platform empowering HR professionals. Use our network to simplify your workflow and improve efficiency at every step of your vendor procurement process.
  • Special Discounts: Save money by working with approved Shortlister vendors and get access to optimized pricing models.
  • Gain Time and Efficiency: Select and track vendors. Identify overlap, monitor contract cycles, and issue and request proposals.
  • Get Objective Feedback: Connect with your peers to hear how vendors perform straight from those who have worked with them.
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