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CANOPY- Meet A Vendor

CANOPY- Meet A Vendor

Shortlister hosted Anna Meiners, VP of Customer Success, and Shawna Pouladin, Manager of Customer Success and Operations at Canopy, to discuss mental health industry trends and share how Canopy is boosting employee wellbeing and engagement.


High levels of stress and burnout, increased demand for mental health services, and nationwide therapist shortages have many employees looking for meaningful support.
Employers are evaluating their emotional wellbeing solutions and benefit providers. With hundreds of vendors and point solutions flooding the market, choosing the right partner can be difficult. That’s where Canopy comes in.


Founded in 1975, Canopy (formerly Cascade Centers) has been committed to improving quality of life and supporting organizational success.  Ongoing collaboration, finding new ways to solve problems, and serving people with heart is at the center of how they operate. They provide counseling services, behavioral coaching, digital mental health tools, organizational support, and crisis response to organizations nationally with a global reach. Canopy’s wellbeing services provides its customers a comprehensive, full-service EAP with a focus on customer service, technology, and outcomes.


Canopy is always observing, learning, and adapting. They are continuously finding new ways to solve problems because they believe that there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

Customers choose Canopy because their services provide a better experience, improve outcomes and give them higher value.

Right fit care options

Virtual care navigation to provide immediate access to the right level of care.

Personalized care plan – By answering a couple of questions, you will receive personalized content based on those answers. The content includes actionable steps that you can take right away, consulting and coaching sessions, and an opportunity for a self-guided learning experience.

Digital behavioral health solutions

Virtual peer support platform

Organizational support

Training for leaders – Available options are micro training, custom training, and mental health first response.

Canopy serves organizations nationwide, providing evidence-based outcomes, and using advanced technology and innovations. Despite being a large national provider, their service model remains high-touch and customizable.

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