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CuraLinc Healthcare provides cutting-edge mental health care by combining technology and personalized advocacy.

In today’s world, employees often contend with far more than what’s visible on the surface. One of the most significant hurdles with their benefit programs is low engagement, particularly among at-risk employees actively navigating life events, socioeconomic factors, and health conditions that profoundly affect their well-being, health, and work efficiency.

Last week, Shortlister had the honor of hosting David Pawlowski, LCPC, CEAP, Chief Operating Officer, and Kathy Mahieu, SVP Strategy at CuraLinc Healthcare, for an enlightening webinar. This session introduced CuraConnect, a revolutionary program designed to proactively identify and support vulnerable employees, address disparities, and connect them to the right resources.


CuraConnect stands as the latest initiative by CuraLinc Healthcare, directly confronting the issue of low benefits engagement. It accomplishes this by identifying, engaging, and supporting employees in need through meaningful human interactions, clinical interventions, and guidance toward the most suitable care and resources available within the employer’s benefits network or the wider community. Here are a few key highlights about the program:

  • Acts as an early-warning siren to address unmet needs of at-risk employees
  • Increases engagement with company-sponsored benefits (EAP, wellness, onsite clinic, telehealth, maternity management, prepaid legal, chronic care support, etc.)
  • Aligns with an employer’s social determinants of health (SDoH) and health equity initiatives
  • Value-based fee structure – employers only pay for employees that engage with the service


  1. Identify a client-specific pool of employees with the most significant vulnerability
  2. Notify employees of the new advocacy and support service
  3. Telephonic outreach to the employees identified as most vulnerable
  4. Proactively identify unmet needs and connect to relevant resources and services
  5. Measure the impact on employee well-being and productivity


The foundation of the CuraConnect process lies in collaborating with clients to define the identification pool. This step is pivotal in the CuraConnect framework, as it determines which employees exhibit the highest vulnerability and may benefit from proactive outreach.

Two options are available:

  1. CuraLinc can provide recommendations grounded in socioeconomic or demographic factors that disproportionately impact employees, placing them at risk.
  2. Alternatively, CuraLinc can customize the pool to align with an employer’s specific goals, focusing on health conditions, new hires, or particular life events.

CuraConnect operates on a value-based pricing model, so you only incur costs for the employees that CuraLinc engages and supports.


While CuraLinc maintains a strong focus on meeting employees where they are, offering immediate support with empathy, and ensuring a seamless connection to the most suitable care and resources, the company also recognizes the significance of validating the impacts of CuraConnect’s interventions.

CuraLinc employs a range of tools to assess the effects of CuraConnect:

  • WOS (Work productivity and life satisfaction)
  • Net Promoter Score
  • PHQ and GAD (depression and anxiety)1
  • AUDIT (alcohol use)1
  • Referrals to (and higher usage of) CuraLinc’s EAP
  • Referrals to (and higher usage of) other company benefits
  • Referrals to community-based resources

In addition to CuraConnect’s impact on employees’ health and productivity, the program will also drive value to the employer by increasing the utilization of their existing benefits.

1Used only for referrals to CuraLinc’s EAP for users who present with depression, anxiety, or alcohol use



CuraLinc recognizes the pressing demand for a proactive, intervention-based solution to support employees. That’s why they have streamlined the implementation of CuraConnect, requiring just 30 days in most cases.

The process itself is straightforward:

  • Define the identification pool, considering socioeconomic factors, life events, health conditions, demographics, and client-specific groups.
  • Establish necessary data connections for demographics, payroll, and claims (if applicable).
  • Select the effective date.
  • Notify the identification pool about the availability of CuraConnect.
  • Initiate the outreach phase.


Reach out to CuraLinc today. Their dedicated team is here to discuss how their innovative approach can improve your employees’ well-being and your organization’s success.

Empower your workforce with the mental health care they deserve!

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