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Labcorp is a global life sciences and healthcare company dedicated to leveraging the power of science for the betterment of humanity.

As medical plan costs continue to skyrocket, employer-sponsored wellness programs remain a leading cost mitigation strategy. However, companies are thinking beyond traditional wellness programs and leaning into population health management offerings that aim to improve outcomes and reduce costs by empowering employees to actively participate in their care.

Last week, we had the privilege of hosting Colin Fenn, Enterprise Sales Leader, and Emily Roberts, Executive Director of Client Success at Labcorp. Together, they delved into the comprehensive suite of onsite and at-home test options, personalized one-on-one employee health coaching, an interactive online engagement platform, and robust data analytics tools offered by Labcorp. This multifaceted approach exemplifies Labcorp’s commitment to supporting population health management strategies, aiming to drive down costs while concurrently enhancing overall health outcomes.


  • Costs are increasing: 85% of health care costs stem from preventable chronic health conditions. The costliest claims are heart disease/cancer.

  • Culture change is necessary: 2K+ Patient Service Centers across the US and flexible, at-home test offerings.

  • Educating your healthcare consumers: Empowering healthcare consumers with better transparency in evaluating their health.

  • Healthcare analytics are essential: Transparency, data, and evidence to help you make the best decisions for your employee population.


Labcorp is a global life sciences and healthcare company dedicated to leveraging the power of science for the betterment of humanity. Rooted in a daily mission to enhance both health and lives, Labcorp’s distinctive integrated approach sets them apart. The company actively addresses a comprehensive array of health challenges, spanning from widely recognized and emerging viruses to severe life-threatening conditions and exceptionally rare diseases.



Labcorp empowers your decision-making process through cutting-edge reporting, offering unparalleled transparency and evidence-based insights, based on:

  • Analytics
    – Metrics in real-time
    – Interactive reporting dashboards

  • Risk Stratification
    – Breakdown of which biometric risks are the highest for your employee population

  • Built to support strategy
    – On-demand program metrics to empower data-driven decisions

  • Multi-year screening analysis
    – Learn how your employee population is changing year over year
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Labcorp is dedicated to driving positive change by actively involving employees in a range of initiatives, such as:

  • Comprehensive product suite: Flexible pre-employment testing, biometric screenings, colorectal fit kits, lab steerage, health coaching, health assessments, and reporting platform.

  • Meeting employees wherever they are: On-site, off-site patient service centers, and at-home screening kits.

  • Supplemental communications to enhance your strategy: Customizable promotional support materials and guides are available to help you reach more employees.


  • Situation
    – Nearly half of adults in the U.S. have high blood pressure
    – Only about 1 in 4 adults with high blood pressure have their condition under control
    – High blood pressure costs the U.S. about $131 billion each year
  • Labcorp approach
    – Biometric screenings are important for raising awareness and identifying health risks.
    – Health coaches help employees understand their numbers and empower them to identify challenges, set a vision, and achieve goals on an ongoing basis.
  • Results: Working with a large healthcare organization, Labcorp found that the combination of biometric screenings and health coaching is helping employees reduce their risk of heart disease.

    – 31% of employees who completed a screening and health coaching in 2020 had improved their blood pressure risk level when they screened again in 2022.
    – 35% of those who completed a screening and health coaching in 2021 had improved their blood pressure risk level when they screened again in 2022.


Labcorp’s cost-effective services stretch beyond diagnostics, meaning their tools and solutions scale with your business to meet your analytical, clinical, and operational needs. Reach out to the Labcorp team today and find out how they can help you help your employees.

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