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Ovia Health – the digital platform transforming episodic care into continuous support while improving family wellbeing and fostering positive outcomes.

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Monica Fenton

Monica Fenton

Director of Consultant Relations

Jessica Fuller

Jessica Fuller

Director of Consultant Relations

In our first Meet a Vendor webinar series for 2024, we had the privilege of hosting Ovia Health’s Senior Directors of Consultant Relations, Monica Fenton and Jess Fuller.

During the insightful session, Monica and Jess highlighted the profound impact of Ovia Health, a leading digital platform revolutionizing episodic care into continuous support. Ovia Health focuses on enhancing family well-being and fostering positive outcomes throughout various stages, from preconception to menopause.

About Ovia Health

Ovia Health stands as a comprehensive digital family-building solution, guiding individuals through their reproductive health and parenting journeys. The platform supports the complete family care continuum, boasting clinical programs, predictive interventions, and personalized pathways. 

Currently collaborating with over 2000 health plan and employer partners, Ovia Health has assisted 18 million family journeys to date.

Ovia solves the biggest challenges for you and your employees

Ovia Health addresses critical challenges faced by individuals and employers today, such as:

  • The urgency to embed DEI&B: 63% of LGBTQIA+ individuals are expanding their families, with the expectation that their employer will support their journey.
  • Cost of Care increasing: The cost of providing healthcare is exploding for employers, while outcomes and employee satisfaction continue to decline.
  • The racial divide is widening: 36% of US counties are maternity care deserts, and BIPOC women are 3x as likely to have pregnancy complications.
  • Maternal Mortality Rates: The U.S. continues to see increased maternal mortality rates year over year and even higher rates in minorities and high-risk populations.
Ovia Health platform

What makes Ovia Health’s care team different?

Ovia Health’s Care Team, composed of Registered Nurses, Certified Nurse Midwives, and other specialists, stands out with its unique features.

Here are the main ones:

  • Availability: Accessible 365 days a year.
  • Communication Channels: In-app asynchronous messaging, phone, and video options.
  • Racially Concordant Care: Providing diverse specializations and proactive outreach.
  • Consistency of Care: Employed in-house to ensure consistent and quality care.
  • Critical Alerts: Ensuring timely response and support.

Fertility and family building benefit

Ovia Health’s Fertility and Family Building benefit offer the funds, clinical excellence, and people-to-people support needed to make everyone’s family-building journey possible. It is easy, flexible, and affordable.

  • Ovia Wallet has simple in-app administration for financial support for fertility, surrogacy and adoption.
  • Clinic and Care Navigation that reflects SART standards and is aligned with member priorities and needs.
  • Concierge Support and Services guide every family’s journey, plus  exclusive fertility testing options.

Elevating care for future generations

With 50+ scientific publications, Ovia Health continues advancing equity with world-renowned research organizations tackling the most complex systemic challenges in women’s and family care.

Ovia Health is making a difference in birth equity with the following:

  • 1:1 coaching to increase member advocacy
  • Provider conversation guides incorporating Antiracist Prenatal and Postnatal Care
  • Navigating to care; including options with midwives/doulas
  • Culturally informed parenting topics and stressors
  • Connecting families to resources based on social drivers of health

Digital health for every family journey

Dedicated to providing comprehensive support during transformative life stages, Ovia Health utilizes proprietary analytics, clinical evidence, and personalized attention to deliver an engaging experience that improves physical, emotional, social, and family well-being.

If you are interested in partnering with Ovia Health, please reach out to their dedicated team today!

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