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Cathy Durbin, MBA

Cathy Durbin, MBA

Product Manager at WebMD Health Services

Last week, we welcomed Cathy Durbin, MBA, Product Manager at WebMD Health Services. Cathy delved into the importance of having a sense of purpose in life, career, and family. She emphasized that purpose drives us and gives us a reason to get up in the morning. At WebMD Health Services, they believe that understanding our “why” is crucial for achieving success and building resilience.

Cathy also explored how setting and achieving personally meaningful goals is fundamental to WebMD’s new initiative, Side Quests. Their innovative program empowers users to take charge of their challenges and goals, creating a personalized path to well-being.

The power of 'WHY'

Sense of agency
• Having a purpose gives you a sense that you can make things happen.
• Increases life satisfaction due to successes.

Social connection
• Defining purpose and meaning often involves looking outside yourself and identifying who you would like to positively impact.

• Finding the strength to thrive in challenging situations.
• Grounding yourself in your “why” reduces the impact of fears and anxiety.

WebMD Health Services

WebMD Health Services “why” is empowering well-being in everyone. For over two decades, they have worked with organizations to improve the lives of millions. Through their deep industry expertise, NCQA certifications and accreditations, robust clinical foundation, and highest standards in security, WebMD delivers one of the most comprehensive well-being experiences on the market.

With a strategic and thoughtful approach, WebMD partners with clients to design programs that inspire well-being in everyone, while also helping organizations exceed their business objectives.

WebMD is passionate about empowering well-being in everyone:

• 2.3x improvement in employee health risks when compared with organizations not using fundamentals.
• 90% of users report feeling motivated to make healthy changes as a result of their participation in coaching.
• 96% client satisfaction rate with the overall performance of the WebMD Strategic Account Executive team.

Side Quests Overview

Side Quests is a collection of engaging activities with roots in behavior change and gamification concepts.

With WebMD’s Side Quests, individuals can:

• Select specific activities designed to encourage small changes.
• Customize their goal target, frequency, and duration.
• Receive guidance on topics related to their goal.
• View progress made in their quest on WebMD ONE.
• In the future, invite others to join them on their journey.

Side Quests: Choose your own adventure

WebMD is aligning individuals with their purpose to achieve personally meaningful goals.

Choose Your Own Adventure allows individuals to:

• Receive guidance on how to set an attainable SMART goal and stay motivated.
• Establish a personalized schedule and work independently to achieve goals.
• Identify their “why” – by providing a central motivating statement that will reinforce their purpose.

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