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Shortlister hosted Dan Atkinson, Vice President of Business Development, and Connor Patros, Ph.D., Chief Clinical Officer, to share their digital, highly accessible, scalable solution that addresses the rising issue of employee behavioral health problems (mental health and substance abuse). 


Founded in 2008, Wellworks For You is a corporate wellness and wellbeing organization partnering with over 650 Clients and 1.6 Million Participating Members nationally. Their goal is to strategically design and implement successful corporate wellness programs on the cutting edge of technology and trends in wellness by implementing a forward-looking philosophy.


WellBalance is a program created by the experts at Wellworks For You to provide a full mental wellbeing solution that helps employers and their employees start to identify their mental health risks while also providing strategic ongoing programs and support for each participant. It provides a clinically validated behavioral health screening tool that analyzes participant’s difficulties with depression, anxiety, sleep deprivation, substance abuse, trauma, personality, bipolar, eating disorders, and psychosis.


Mindyra is a HIPAA-compliant solution that is used to efficiently, accurately, and systematically provide confidential screening, access to tailored care resources, and outcome measurement for corporate employees in need of mental health and/or substance abuse services. Testing delivered to employees extends beyond the typical evaluation of depression and anxiety, covering additional problem areas such as sleep, trauma, substance abuse, and more. Mindyra’s system helps employees get privately evaluated faster, more accurately, and cost-effectively.

The process of Mindyra consists of:

  • Population Screening Leading Directly to Tailored Treatment Options
  • Access to Thorough Assessment as Needed
  • Employee and/or Care Provider Reviews Testing Results
  • Development of Care Plans Based on Data
  • Ongoing Measurement of Functional Improvement in Response to Care
  • Use Machine Learning to Guide Future Preventative Care

After identifying the behavioral health difficulties experienced by employees, WellBalance helps each member to improve their mental wellbeing by providing:

  • One-on-One Coaching using the results from their comprehensive assessment tools and Care Progress Survey.
  • Employee Assistance Program – live support 24/7 with a personal approach for each participant.
  • Meditation – participants have access to live meditation and videos on multiple topics to meditate.
  • Social – social community dashboard to interact with peer-to-peer discussions, posts, and more.
  • Reporting – aggregate reporting to identify the populations’ health risks.
  • Educational content – participants have access to live webinars and wellbeing courses throughout the year.
  • Smart Nudges – to engage members throughout the year with motivational tips, positive reinforcement, program reminders, and more.
  • Physical Fitness – on-demand digital fitness classes that participants can access 24/7 and participate in live classes.

Mental health problems cause 200 million lost workdays each year. Since the coronavirus pandemic, mental health programs have been unable to keep up with the rising demand and meet the needs of the population. To effectively tackle this issue, Wellworks For You is fully dedicated to customize and build wellness and wellbeing solutions. Their goal remains meeting client’s needs with the proper tools to empower their employees to establish and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

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