Top Vendor Selection Criteria

On a quarterly basis, Shortlister reviews the vendors who apply to participate in the various product categories we service to determine the “top” vendors. A wide range of criteria are evaluated to determine which organizations are featured as Top Vendors:


How long the organization has been in business

Number of clients

Number of lives covered

Number of employees

Recency of information in the Shortlister platform


Bid Inclusion

Wins vs. Losses

Finalist Meeting Scores

Quality Survey Ratings (post-implementation)

Recency of Ratings and Comments

BUZZ FACTOR profile page views

Number of Ratings collected from vendor’s clients

Recency of Ratings collected from vendor’s clients

Quality of Ratings and Reviews collected from vendor’s clients

Social Presence (Twitter, LinkedIn)

“Look ups” in the Shortlister platform

If you're a vendor interested in enrolling in Shortlister's Top Vendor program, please click here to learn how to apply.