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US Wellness

  • 3.5/5 (2 reviews)

  • Founded 1997-08-01
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About US Wellness

US Wellness takes a fully integrated approach to our client’s needs – creating, communicating and executing wellness programs that are tailored to the needs of each population. For nearly 20 years, US Wellness has been delivering high-quality wellness services to our clients and end users, including: – Wellness program strategy and compliance – Employee health management and engagement (online and site visit) – Onsite and offsite biometric health screenings and health counseling on results – Incentive design and tracking – Reporting, tracking and measurement .

Value Proposition

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US Wellness Media

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US Wellness Offerings

  • Wellness Companies
  • Tobacco Cessation Program
  • Corporate Fitness Challenges
    • Corporate Challenge Program
    • Corporate Walking Challenge
    • Health Coaches
    • Health Coaching Software
    • Onsite Health Coaching
    • Telephonic Health Coach
    • Health Literacy Programs
    • Biometric Screening
    • Home Screening Kits
    • Finger Stick Blood Test
    • Off Site Lab Testing Programs
    • Health Risk Assessment
    • Physician Forms

US Wellness Reviews

US Wellness Materials

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US Wellness Clients

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