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American Health Holding, Inc.

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About American Health Holding, Inc.

Founded in 1993 as a privately held company, American Health Holding provides comprehensive, integrated health management solutions through a team of highly qualified physicians, registered nurses and social workers with the training and tools to impact quality and cost. We take pride in delivering timely solutions that impact the daily lives of our members as well as our client’s bottom line.

Our wide variety of medical management services span the health continuum and include:
* Utilization Management
* Advanced Radiology Scheduling Services
* Case Management
* Specialty Case Management (Chronic Kidney Disease, Maternity,
Neonatal and Pediatric, Oncology, Specialty Pharmacy and Transplant)
* Pre-Admission and Post-Discharge Counseling
* Population Health Management (Wellness and Disease Management)
* Maternity Management
* Medical Transportation
* Medical Review
* Independent External Review
* Integrated Behavioral Health
* Medical Disclosure
* 24/7 Physician Consultations and Nurse Line
* Medical Cost Containment
* Proprietary iSuite Software

We are confident that our extensive experience and broad array of medical management solutions will allow American Health to meet and exceed your expectations, and we look forward to adding you to our growing list of satisfied clients!

Value Proposition

Our philosophy for managing patient care is reflected in the goals that we have established for our URAC-accredited, integrated medical management programs:

Utilization Management – Precertification is based on the premise that early intervention can lead to claims cost reduction. We ensure procedures are medically appropriate, assign a length of stay, ensure that the location of service is appropriate and identify “high risk” cases that can be forwarded to Case Management or Disease Management.

Case Management – The program targets cases requiring more attention, resulting in better medical outcomes for members and greater cost savings for employers. Our criteria and systems are designed to identify catastrophic and complex illnesses, transplants and trauma cases. Key to our success is our ability to identify, coordinate and negotiate alternative treatment plans and related costs.

Disease Management – The program targets nine conditions (asthma, chronic kidney disease, COPD, chronic pain, CHF, CAD, diabetes, hyperlipidemia and hypertension) for which evidence-based guidelines are established to impact health and measure improvements. The goals of the program include improving participant activation and effecting improvements in the health status of participants by providing education and support that promote good self-care practices and adherence to care guidelines.

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American Health Holding, Inc. Offerings

  • Wellness Companies
  • Behavioral Health Providers
  • Tobacco Cessation Program
  • Health Coaches
    • Telephonic Health Coach
    • Weight Management Programs
    • Biometric Screening
    • Finger Stick Blood Test
    • Off Site Lab Testing Programs
    • Health Risk Assessment
  • Care Management Companies
    • Utilization Management Companies
    • Disease Management Programs
    • Case Management Companies
    • Clinical Maternity Programs
    • Health Advocacy Programs
    • Telemedicine Companies

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