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American Specialty Health Management

  • Founded 1987-04-01
  • Group Sizes Larger than 1
  • Customers Served 1.7M

About American Specialty Health Management

American Specialty Health Management is a trademark of American Specialty Health Incorporated and is licensed by the Wellness Research Institute LLC for use herein.

ASHM’s parent company, American Specialty Health (ASH), implemented the Healthyroads website in 1999 and began offering coaching in 2003. ASH was founded in 1987.

Value Proposition

ASHM strives to help individuals identify that health is an asset; a healthier life leads to a more productive personal and professional life. Our goal of helping people achieve long-term, sustained health behavior change includes the critical distinction of approaching and communicating to members as consumers, not patients. This philosophy is reflected in every way that we interact with members, including our promotion and engagement strategies and materials, evidence-based online resources, theory-based coaching protocols, challenges, and incentives programs. For example, every member who enrolls in the coaching program is assigned to his or her own personal coach who “walks alongside” the member over the course of one year or more. This approach strengthens the bond between participant and coach, and thereby optimizing program engagement, clinical outcomes, and member satisfaction.

From a robust online wellness portal to engaging coaching sessions, award-winning consumer engagement promotions, worksite biometric screenings, and extensive self-help tools, ASHM provides industry-leading, evidence-based programs. Participation and engagement are a priority. Our health promotion campaigns and outreach programs effectively drive member participation. ASHM has also established proven and published clinical outcomes and return on investment.

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American Specialty Health Management Media

American Specialty Health Management Offerings

  • Wellness Companies
  • Corporate Sleep Disorder Vendors
    • Corporate Metabolic Syndrome Vendors
    • Diabetes Programs
    • Diabetes Prevention Programs
    • Diabetes Management Programs
    • Mindfulness at Work
    • Stress Management in the Workplace
    • Corporate Resilience Program
    • Tobacco Cessation Program
    • Women’s Health Program
    • Corporate Fitness
    • On Demand Fitness Programs
    • Gym Network
    • Corporate Challenge Program
    • Corporate Walking Challenge
  • Corporate Fitness Challenges
  • Corporate Nutrition Programs
    • Health Coaching Software
    • Onsite Health Coaching
    • Telephonic Health Coach
    • Health Coaches
    • Incentive Fulfillment Companies
    • Weight Management Programs
    • Off Site Lab Testing Programs
    • Biometric Screening
    • Venipuncture Biometric Screening
    • Finger Stick Blood Test
    • Corporate Immunization Companies
    • Health Risk Assessment
    • Physician Forms

American Specialty Health Management Reviews

American Specialty Health Management Materials

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American Specialty Health Management Clients

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