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American Well's mission, since its founding in 2006, is to connect and enable providers, insurers, patients, and innovators to deliver greater access to more affordable, higher quality care. We accomplish this by harnessing mobile and web technology to connect patients with healthcare providers, removing barriers such as distance, mobility, time, and constrained provider supply.
Our offering includes a full suite of products and services that includes mobile-, web-, and phone-based telehealth services; state-of-the-art telehealth kiosk and cart products; patient utilization and employer engagement programs; clinical workflows, tools, and guidance; an exclusive network of licensed, credentialed, U.S.-based physicians; and a services exchange allowing our clients to connect and share their services with one another, instantly, online.
The system utilizes multi-way, high-resolution video and audio streams, secure text chat and messaging, and digital telephony to deliver an intimate, informed, clinically effective, real-time encounter. The American Well offering also has functionality that allows providers to electronically prescribe, and allows patients and providers to store, manage, import, and export health information and documentation; review health content; and manage follow-up visits. This robust infrastructure behind American Well's intuitive and convenient user interface makes the solution easy to use for providers and patients alike.

American Well, in partnership with Online Care Group, offers an online Smoking Cessation Program led by physicians. Helping smokers quit not only saves lives, it also increases workplace productivity and lowers healthcare costs for employers. Evidence-based research shows that a combination of counseling and medication is most effective for treating tobacco dependence. This focused program utilizes both to maximize your employees’ chance for success. On-demand visits with a doctor create a personalized and protocolized “quit plan” that supports each employee from planning to quit through quitting for good.

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