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Awardco has teamed with Amazon Business to provide the most powerful and flexible software for all your recognition programs. Using the largest reward network in the world you can show your employees how much you appreciate them by allowing them to choose rewards they actually care about - with no markups. Amazon products, hotels, gift cards, event tickets, and custom service awards provide millions of options for you and your employees. Recognize an employee for a job well done, motivate teams to accomplish goals, encourage peer to peer recognition, recognize service milestones, automate birthday and anniversary notifications, and much more all in one simple, innovative platform.

Awardco offers customizable service awards to celebrate employee milestones. Design your own awards or choose from our catalog—we'll help you fulfill your order and make sure you have something you can be proud of to share with your employees.

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awardco Info & Reviews

4.9 Overall Score from 8 reviews












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4.9 Overall Score from 8 reviews

"We've been using Awardco for just over a year now and it is an amazing service! It has an intuitive interface, is simple for our employees to use and we love the data collection and reporting capabilities. We formerly had an in-house built recognition system. It worked fairly well, but the interface was not great and the data collection was cumbersome. Switching to Awardco immediately resolved all those issues. It's easy for our employees to use, easy to manage on the admin side and easy to collect and report recognition data to the management team and employees. "

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