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About Dreem

Dreem 2 is a headband and app solution that works with you at night and during the day, helping you take steps to improve your sleep. Here’s how it works. At night the Dreem 2 headband tracks your brain activity, heart rate, breathing and movement for a clear measurement of your sleep. Create a state of sleep-friendly calm with falling asleep techniques designed to stop racing thoughts at bedtime so you fall asleep more relaxed. All sounds are delivered through bone conduction. When it’s time for you to wake up, the headband will choose the moment your sleep is lightest within a time window of your choice, for a more refreshed, easier morning. Every morning you receive a sleep report about your night. Dreem 2 helps you to address the thinking and actions behind your sleep problems through practical advice, exercises designed to reset your sleep rhythms and put in place a happier, healthier sleep routine. Build a sustainable, successful sleep routine and learn healthy sleep habits with practical tips and to-do lists tailored to your specific sleep needs thanks to the data collected by the headband.

Value Proposition

Our innovative dreem@work solution empowers employees to tackle issues that stem from lack of sleep. The dreem programs will increase team happiness, boost productivity, creativity, engagement, communications, and performance.

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Dreem Offerings

  • Corporate Sleep Disorder Vendors
  • Mindfulness at Work
    • Stress Management in the Workplace
    • Corporate Resilience Program

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