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Edelman Financial Engines - vendor materials
Momentum Overview - Momentum description and features like live counselors, education, digital tools
Edelman Financial Engines - vendor materials
Edelman Financial Engines - vendor materials
Edelman Financial Engines - vendor materials

Edelman Financial Engines Info & Features

Momentum by Edelman Financial EnginesTM is a workplace financial wellness platform that combines industry-leading 401(k) investment advisory capabilities with a dynamic suite of integrated resources – giving employees the momentum they need to accelerate their financial confidence, moment by moment. Featuring a broad range of digital tools and education materials, targeted communication strategies and access to one-on-one counseling and planning, Momentum guides employees from the
time they onboard at a new company all the way to retirement, ...

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Edelman Financial Engines Info & Marketing Materials

Product Summary - Momentum overview - Provides an overall description of Momentum and it's benefits

Product Summary - Benefits Basics - Provides description of guidance for new hires including benefits selection

Product Summary - Employee Transition - Guidance for COBRA and 401k transition for employee transition

Product Summary - Equity Compensation - Description of guidance for implications for equity awards

Product Summary - Financial Fundamentals - Describes guidance for budgeting, debt reduction and other fundamentals

Product Summary - Healthcare & Caregiving - Describes guidance for healthcare decisions and caregiving for elderly parents

Product Summary - Income After Retirement - Describes guidance for income needs after retirement based on goals

Product Summary - Medicare Transition - Describes guidance for transition to Medicare for those nearing 65

Product Summary - New Hire Onboarding - Describes guidance provided to employees about benefits, health insurance

Product Summary - Social Security Decision - Describes guidance on how to optimize Social Security income

Product Summary - Student Loan Debt - Describes guidance about how to manage student load debt

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