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About BrightDime

BrightDime is a top-to-bottom financial wellness solution. We provide the best user experience in the market by focusing on personalizing engagement and coaching. Our service is 7 days a week/ 365 days a year. We take a long term approach to financial wellness; prioritizing user engagement and trust as keys to our success. We are a trusted resource, a comprehensive and personalized digital tool, and a team of unbiased financial coaches with no hidden agenda.

Value Proposition

BrightDime’s financial wellness solution is built on three principles; awareness, education, and coaching.

Awareness – BrightDime’s personalized platform is a holistic view of your personal financial situation. Bank accounts, retirement accounts, credit cards and more are automatically aggregated to provide an always up-to-date picture. We think advice that doesn’t account for where you’re starting is no different than no advice at all.

Education – There is no shortage of financial advice available to anyone with an internet connection, yet people still feel lost when thinking about finances. We use the users’ real-world financial information to provide relevant, informative, and digestible content when needed. Users can always choose to learn more and dig deeper but we consciously limit what we put in front of them to what they need at that moment.

Coaching – Our users have full-time access to a financial coach who can help decipher the fine print on a credit card offer, help set up budgeting goals, explain the value of employer provided 401k plans, or provide a trusted second opinion on any big financial decision. Our coaches are available anytime through in-app chat so BrightDime users don’t have to wait weeks for the next scheduled “office hours.”

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