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ENRICH™ Financial Wellness

ENRICH™ Financial Wellness

  • 4.4/5 (8 reviews)

  • Founded   2008
  • Group Sizes  Larger than 50
  • Customers Served  4.1M
  • 4.4/5 (8 reviews)

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About ENRICH™ Financial Wellness

The award winning Enrich Financial Wellness platform offers engaging, effective, unbiased online financial education, contained in a highly customizable delivery system, and a personal approach to help users achieve a positive behavior change. We’re proud to offer the most adaptive financial wellness platform available - customizable to achieve the unique goals of your organization. Our cloud based, responsive platform has an extensive list of customizable features, content and branding through tools such as interactive courses, budgeting tools, retirement modeling, and more. Our dashboard with personalized action plans guides the user from start to finish on the journey to reaching their financial goals. Each user starts with a financial wellness assessment, powered by our proprietary algorithm and personalized experience with adaptive calls-to-action. We offer an array of powerful metrics, including rate of content consumption, course progress and scores, knowledge gain, and helping you identify opportunities to increase your organization's ROI. Our platform has been tested by many of the nation's most prestigious institutions to prove that we are offering a platform that is ultimately improving the financial health of our users. We are pleased to partner with financial institutions, employers, and other organizations to offer financial wellness that really works.

Value Proposition

Our company’s cores vision is to lead the nation in reducing debt, improving financial capability, and empowering general “life readiness” with a central, holistic, and educational platform for people at every stage of their lives. From our strong roots in academia, to our most recent recognition as a recipient of the 2016 Educational Platform of the Year Award for Excellence in Financial Literacy Education (EIFLE), our financial wellness offerings are widely considered the gold standard in the industry. Adopting the Enrich Financial Wellness program benefits companies, both employers and employees alike, by increasing productivity, decreasing absenteeism, and saving money as a result of reduced sick leave and compensation costs. Alternatively, within the realm of financial institutions such as credit unions and advisors, our educational suite strengthens the relationship with clientele by empowering the users with comprehensive financial education relevant to each stage of their lives. Our singular mission is to better the world by empowering people to make effective financial decisions throughout their lives. We believe that with the proper education, people can establish a strong financial foundation as a means of minimizing financial stress, and to live a life of prosperity and productivity.

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ENRICH™ Financial Wellness Offerings

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    • Financial Education
    • Financial Coaching
    • Financial Wellness Programs
    • Financial Coaching Tools

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