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EHE Health

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About EHE Health

EHE Health is the only nationwide provider for Centers of Excellence in preventive and primary health care. We leverage more than 100 years of experience to help beneficiaries improve their health, productivity and longevity. EHE Health’s solution provides plan members preferred access to high quality primary care physicians for essential, evidence-based preventive and primary healthcare. Preferred Access to a National, Curated High Performing Preventive and Primary Health Provider Network We get plan members preferred access that is a fraction of the time it typically takes in our current health care system. Our program simultaneously addresses the poor state of preventive healthcare and accelerates plan members receiving all the appropriate primary, secondary and tertiary preventive care. EHE Health’s Centers of Excellence national network it tightly managed via outcome-based evaluations and regularly measured patient satisfaction. This results in the EHE Health provider network continuously delivering a net promotor score well above the most prestigious health care providers and on par with Amazon, Apple and Starbucks.

Value Proposition

EHE Health delivers measurable and sustainable improved outcomes. We demonstrate the financial impact of prevention and preferred PCP access, reduced health risks and the early detection of disease. Critical health and disease indicators such as blood glucose, blood pressure and cholesterol consistently drop after year one and remain at lower levels as patients age. Improving the health, productivity and longevity of plan members will deliver unprecedented improvements in employer enterprise value: • Health care costs reduction over time from reduced comorbidity and total health risks • Case finding of sick beneficiaries early and often • Increased participation in an organized system of primary, secondary, and tertiary care • Amplification of current employer programs – delivering a better patient experience and increasing referrals into important employer health programs • Engagement that is informed by real clinical data with an eye toward empowering plan members to experience better health improvement • Unique preventive screenings for important condition identification for mental/behavioral health and musculoskeletal • More favorable short & long-term disability experience • Reducing adverse exposures to accident or workers’ compensation claims associated with poor health • Potential reduction of current wellness programs that are incomplete and redundant while reducing administrative costs

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EHE Health Offerings

  • Women's Health Program
  • Healthcare Price Transparency Companies

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