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ESI Employee Assistance Group is the nation’s most comprehensive employee assistance program (EAP) delivering more than twice the benefits and services to our Clients. These added benefits include thousands (over 8,000) of online trainings, employee coaching, and our self-help center with over 25,000 personal and professional development resources.
In addition to extensive benefits for employee Members, we also offer a broad suite of services to HR managers and supervisors. We bring our more than 35 years of employee assistance expertise to virtually every industry sector, including government and public safety, health care, education and non-profit organizations.
Even more important – our customers enjoy more than double the utilization and better results than any other EAP. ESI currently serves more than 1900 employers and more than 1,250,000 members.
In addition to our absolute commitment to providing the broadest menu of employee assistance benefits, we are dedicated to providing the very highest level of service to employee and family members who we serve. Our high Member satisfaction and renewal rates stand in strong testimony to our commitment. Every year for the last dozen years, our EAP has earned a 98+% Member satisfaction and 97% Client renewal rate.

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