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Financial Fitness Group is a leading provider of cloud-based, independent and unbiased financial education and engagement platform. Our platform has been proven to improve users financial aptitude, behavior, and confidence. FFG was founded in 1998 based on scientific research on how to improve the financial literacy of the citizens of the United States. That research continues to this day and is the driving force, along with our clients, to continuously meet the new challenges facing those with financial stress. As part of the journey, FFG developed the Financial Fitness SCORE™ to help individuals and organizations assess, benchmark, and positively change their financial aptitude, behavior, and confidence. The Financial Fitness platform is modular and has solutions to meet each organization's unique needs. The platform has been developed to be turnkey and easy to roll out and administer with the goal of minimizing resources required to support the platform. The most important aspect of the FFG platform is that it is data centric and the results and outcomes are measurable.

Financial Fitness Group is an enterprise software company that develops financial e-learning solutions designed to maximize user engagement and improve financial knowledge. Established in 1998 by a $2 million academic research and design grant, Financial Fitness Group developed the industry standard for a financial wellness score - a massive library of FINRA compliant financial education content and a modular, learning platform to create confident learners. We're the leading provider of interactive financial wellness for the financial services industry and the largest 5000 companies across the nation. For over 20 years, we’ve been assessing, scoring, educating and driving real behavior change in financial consumers across the United States.

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