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About GlobalFit

Since 1992, GlobalFit has been changing lives through physical activity. We work with companies to offer innovative, engaging wellness programs that deliver personal, cultural and financial results. With GlobalFit, employees live healthier lives; and employers gain the benefits of a healthier workforce: lower healthcare costs, improved morale and increased productivity. Our go-to-market strategy and value proposition is structured within total population health principles leading participants to making personal fitness choices. Our platform is designed within a flexible, customizable and simple platform that ensures participant satisfaction, reducing your administrative burden, and driving high levels of engagement. Our team takes a consultative approach to solution for your unique program needs using our entire suite of products including: GlobalFit Rewards, Gym Network 360, WalkMyMind, and GlobalFit Anywhere.

Value Proposition

GlobalFit is a leading provider of wellness solutions for employers and insurers nationwide. With over 25 years in the wellness space, GlobalFit provides powerful technology solutions that accelerate wellness program engagement, leading to improved population health and vitality.
GlobalFit’s solutions are centered on Total Population Health principles to personal choice aligned with program requirements that are “challenging but achievable”. Meaning, we are focused on the individual’s goals in order to support a participant’s personal wellness journey.
• We believe that wellness initiatives are tied directly to controlling healthcare cost, building connections between benefits of wellness and members’ values and interest; and changing norms for unhealthy behavior and developing or marinating norms that support healthy practices.
• We believe that in a wellness initiative, offering programs to support healthy lifestyles should be a top priority. Shared values for wellness make it more likely that individuals will engage in programs that meet their needs and desires.

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GlobalFit Offerings

    • Gym Network
    • Corporate Fitness
    • On Demand Fitness Programs
    • Incentive Fulfillment Companies

GlobalFit Materials

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