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  • Founded 2010
  • Group Sizes Larger than 3500
  • Customers Served 500K

About Glooko

Glooko combines award-winning data platform with personalization, engagement and coaching to help employees better manage their diabetes. Our “Bring-Your-Own-Device” platform is compatible with over 80 diabetes and exercise devices (blood glucose meters, insulin pumps, etc.), so employees can sync, review and leverage the data from device(s) they already know and use. Our algorithms highlight trends and patterns so employees understand what to keep doing and when they may need personalized support from certified coaches. Glooko is also used by over 7,000 providers; employees can share their data with their provider to help make informed treatment plan decisions. Employers invest in Glooko to prevent complications that can lead to cost emergency room visits (,000-,000 per visit) and hospitalizations (,000-,000 per admission).

Value Proposition

Choice – Glooko is the only “Bring-Your-Own-Device” platform that does not force employees to switch from their insurance’s formulary-covered diabetes devices (blood glucose meters, insulin pumps, etc.) they prefer to use.

Engagement & Outcomes – Glooko delivers strong enrollment and engagement amongst employees. Glooko enrollment rates are 50-60% and our engagement rates are 25-60%, depending on program setup (e.g., enrollment marketing strategy, coaching program, incentive design, etc.). Employees experience strong clinical outcomes (0.5 A1c improvement) after only two months!

Flexibility – Glooko allows for formulary flexibility. As we are compatible with over 95% of the diabetes devices available, any employer formulary changes are likely supported by Glooko. Glooko can also integrate with an employer’s existing DM/CM coaching programs.

Personalized – Our team of Certified Diabetes Educators creates a highly personalized employee experience by leveraging visibility to employee blood glucose, food, medication and activity and use these insights to tailor each coaching session to the unique needs of the employee.

Care Continuity – Glooko enables employees to leverage a national network of over 3,000 healthcare providers who use Glooko to enable the continuum of care should employees require additional medical services.

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    PRM 0294 Rev A – Sharp Rees-Stealy Glooko Case Study.pdf

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